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Assemble process and control

Perfect assembly process and equipment

1) In order to ensure the assembly quality of the whole machine, the first component assembly and bench test are adopted, and the qualified parts are transferred to the general assembly line. Such as torque converter, gearbox component assembly test, drive axle component assembly test, key hydraulic components test.

2) There are detailed assembly process card and operation instruction in the whole machine assembly process. Each process is assembled in strict accordance with the operation instruction to ensure the assembly quality.

3) Adopt advanced assembling means: liquid nitrogen cold assembling, press pressing assembling, parts hot assembling, etc.

Strict process quality control

1) Each process of assembly shall be in strict accordance with the operation instructions, and the process assembly process card shall be filled in, and the assembly personnel, inspection personnel and test results of each process shall be recorded in detail, so as to follow and trace in the future.

2) The process control shall strictly implement the three-level inspection system: self inspection by the assembly personnel, mutual inspection by the team and spot inspection by the quality department.

3) Professional parts incoming inspection

Standard complete machine test and delivery inspection

Each product of Zhonghong shall be tested in accordance with the specifications for test run of complete machine to simulate the actual working condition, debug the performance of the whole vehicle, meet the design requirements, and fill in the test run record. Before the whole machine leaves the factory, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive factory inspection, measure various parameters and fill in the whole machine inspection report.

Assemble process and control






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