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Qingdao fambition Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. carries out regular on-site maintenance and tracking management for the equipment used by customers. The maintenance shall be carried out according to the working hours of the vehicle, including 200 hours, 500 hours, 1250 hours, and on-site tracking maintenance.

200 hours of tracking content
(1) Regular maintenance of oil bath air filter (once every 10-50 hours)
(2) Change of engine oil and oil filter (change of CC oil once every 125 hours, CD oil once every 250 hours)
(3) Clean the external surface of engine, radiator and cooler
(4) Function inspection of fan belt breaking alarm (flameout) device
(5) Check axle oil level (wheel reducer, differential)
(6) Replace the transmission oil filter element
(7) Check the lubrication of the copper sleeve and the central hinged bearing of the swing frame
(8) Diesel filter replacement
(9) Check the transmission oil level.
(10) Check intake pipe and air filter
(11) Check brake system performance
(12) Clean the exhaust gas purifier
(13) Check electrolyte level
(14) Check the tightness of V-belt

500 hour tracking content
(1) Repeat for 200 hours.
(2) Check the fastening of the air inlet and exhaust pipes.
(3) . clean the vent valve of drive axle, gearbox and torque converter.
(4) Replace the transmission oil and clean the transmission screen.
(5) Replace the hydraulic oil return filter element.
(6) Replace the drive axle gear oil.
(7) Check engine valve clearance
(8) Check and clean the filter screen of oil supply pump
(9) Check the bridge fastening bolts

1250 hours of tracking content
(1) Repeat for 500 hours to track everything.
(2) Replace the hydraulic tank vent valve.
(3) Change the hydraulic oil.
(4) Replace the front and rear axle lubricating oil.
(5) Check the brake pressure and accumulator nitrogen charging pressure
(6) Check generator, starting motor and other electrical components
(7) Check and replace the fuel injection nozzle
(8) Check the center articulation clearance.






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