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Mining operation of Fambition FL14E electric LHD

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Recently, Fambition Heavy Machinery delivered a 14-ton electric LHD delivered to a mining company to go down well and has been out of operation. The total weight of Fambition FL14E electric LHD is nearly 39 tons. The on-site downhole method is cage conductor downhole. After the vehicle arrived at the site, it was already 6pm. In order to assemble the next day smoothly, engineers of Fambition Service Department and Technical Center worked overtime to drop all the disassembled parts of the 14-ton electric LHD and drag it to the designated place. The front and rear frames are hinged and connected to various pipelines. After returning to the ground at 12 o'clock in the evening, I made a more detailed plan for the follow-up work according to the situation on the spot.


Throughout the disassembly and assembly process, Fambition Heavy Machinery's after-sales department, technical center, and manufacturing center have overcome on-site difficulties, fully mobilized the backbone of various departments, adhering to the same boat, high efficiency, high quality, and professionalism, providing customers with great value anytime, anywhere Service tenet, successfully completed FL14E underground assembly.






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