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Preview before Fambition Heavy Machinery Shanghai Bauma Show

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Shanghai Bauma exhibition will be held at 24th Nov 2020, Fambition will attend and show the latest LHD FL10E. FL10E is a 4m³underground electrical LHD designed for domestic and foreign large and mid-size mines. Fambition uphold the R&D concept of "efficient shoveling, comfortable operation, advanced design, and ingenious manufacturing", and grasp the development direction of trackless equipment products "informatization, intelligence, and electrification". The design, configuration and manufacturing have reached the international leading level. .


01、 Energy-saving and environment friendly


1、The newly launched FL10E is an underground electric LHD with a rated load of 10 tons. It provides an efficient solution for zero-emission underground and solves the customer's pain points of high noise and environmental pollution caused by diesel LHD.

2、Compared to diesel LHD, FL10E electrical LHD energy consumption is lower. According to the calculation, it can save 20% of production cost.


02、Advanced design concept

1、FL10E is an advanced electrical LHD, compared with other LHD of the same level (SANDVIK LH409E and EPIROC EST 1030), Fl10E has unique dual-motor (traveling motor, hydraulic motor) design ensures that both motors are running under the rated load reduces the heating of the motor and greatly improves the power performance of the LHD, the efficiency of shoveling and the service life of the motor;

2、The steering, working and cable reeling hydraulic systems are all adopt a variable system, which effectively improves the stability and economy of the equipment.

3、The cable reeling system adopts variable pump control and load feedback, which can keep the tension of each coil of the cable in a constant state. Compared with the fixed pump system, it can control the tension of each coil and always ensure that the cable is in a reasonable tension state. The tension state solves the problem of frequent crushing caused by the bending of the cable before

4、FL10E adopts horizontal coiled cable with better performance advantages, compared with vertical coiled cable:

Low center of gravity, stable operation, better vision, flexible turning, driving past the connection point, no need to reverse, saving time and improving production efficiency. Vertical coiled cable is prone to uneven cable arrangement, which can easily lead to cable jams or even breaks


5、The FL10E control system adopts modular design and CAN-BUS communication technology, which greatly reduces equipment wiring and greatly reduces the problem of high failure rate due to poor line contact. Gearbox, working, steering, braking and cable reeling hydraulics Real-time display, monitoring, fault diagnosis and prompting of system technical parameters.


03、 Reliable and Durable

1、The main components of the power transmission system: VEM motors, DANA torque converters and transmission, Kessler axles, and Goodyear tires, all of which are imported well-known brands with higher reliability.


2、Main hydraulic components: The pump valves in the hydraulic system adopt international famous brands such as parker, KPM, Rexroth, and Mico;


3、Main electrical components brand: circuit breaker is Bosch, and concentrator is Schneider, connector is Deutsch, cable is Prysmian, insulation monitoring devices are BENDER, ABB, AB electrical components, TTC controllers, and AOTEC remote control devices.


4、FL10E is designed with super-strong structural parts, with a service life of more than 10 years (20000h). The boom adopts a box-type boom, and the rocker arm side plate, tie rod plate, bucket support plate, and hinged plate are reinforced.


04、 Economic and Efficient

1、It is equipped with a driving motor that provides driving traction and a hydraulic motor that provides working and steering. When sufficient shoveling force is ensured, the traction is not affected. The strong shoveling force and traction force ensure full strength during the shoveling process, which can effectively avoid the violation of operating regulations such as climbing piles and flushing piles. It can also handle large rocks in some special circumstances.


2、FL10E uses a driving motor with a rated power of 110 kW and a hydraulic motor with a rated power of 45 kW. The only dual-motor in the same level of 4-cubic-size scraper has the largest total output power of 155 kW;


3、The horizontal coiled cable structure can set a longer coiled cable length to meet a longer operating radius, reduce the number of movements of the ground cabinet, and improve operating economy.


05、 High security

1、The electrical system design meets the safety requirements of JB/T5500 and GB25518. The main circuit is equipped with a residual current protection device, and it is equipped with a continuous grounding and leakage monitoring device;


2、The working brake and the parking brake are integrated as one set of brakes, which are integrated at both ends of the bridge and adopt a closed wet brake method with spring brake hydraulic release. Spring brake and hydraulic release brake are safer, which can ensure the safe braking of the vehicle when the hydraulic system fails


3、The cab is designed in strict accordance with the performance requirements of GB/T17771 (eqv ISO3449) and has passed FOPS/ROPS certification;

06、High driving comfort


1、The FL10E adopts a fully enclosed cab, large space, additional air-conditioning system, luxurious interior, lower noise and more comfortable driving.


2、FL10E adopt imported seats from the famous German brand Grammer, equipped with bucket floating and boom suspension functions, reducing oil cylinder and boom damage, better adapting to the bumpy road conditions underground, effectively improving equipment operation efficiency and driver driving comfort;


3、Compared with the vertical reeling cable, the horizontal reeling cable has a larger field of view, which is more conducive to the driver's cab staff to observe the road condition information and drive more safely.


4、The dashboard in the cab simplifies the operation design, the control panel is simplified, the buttons are greatly reduced, and the fault indicator is greatly reduced, which reduces the complexity of the driver's operation and makes it easier to control the equipment


5、Work, steering, and gear shifting are all carried out by electronic control, integrated design, operation is more sensitive, more labor-saving, and comfortable. At the same time, FAMBITION unique FET electronic technician technology is used to monitor the operation status of equipment in real time, and it can directly read faults. Greatly shorten the equipment maintenance time.


07、 Intelligent equipment


1、FL10E can expand to realize intelligent control such as production management, maintenance, safety production, etc., and control weighing information, video monitoring, fault prediction, personnel positioning and other information through CAN bus control, fixed-point transmission or remote monitoring.


2、Reserve remote control, smart mine can-bus bus data interface, and open access to mines. Fambition remote control has practical application cases in the domestic and international markets.


3、The software of the control module is upgraded according to the needs of use to satisfy user’s requirement.






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