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Zhonghong FL10 won the 2019 \"Mayor ’s Cup \" Qingdao Industrial Design Award \"Intelligent Design Award \"

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ZhonghongFL10 won the 2019 \"Mayor ’s Cup \" Qingdao Industrial Design Award \"Intelligent Design Award \"


The 2019 Qingdao \"Mayor ’s Cup \" Industrial Design Grand Prix held an awards ceremony in the Academician Port of Licang District. After strict evaluation by experts, the\"\" Zhonghong FL10 Underground Scraper\"designed by Zhonghong Heavy Machinery won the prize \"Intelligent Design Award \" of this design competition.


Song Jikuan, chief engineer of Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Shang Huaishuai, deputy head of the People ’s Government of Licang District, and Qingdao Municipal SME Public Service Center, Qingdao Industrial Design Association, and responsible persons in charge of industrial design in various districts and cities attended the award ceremony Trophies were awarded to representatives of the winning companies.


This competition is sponsored by the Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, undertaken by the Qingdao Public Service Center for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and co-organized by the Qingdao Industrial Design Association. With the excellent design achievements of well-known brands, the overall development level of Qingdao ’s industrial design and the core competitiveness of the manufacturing industry will be comprehensively improved, and the industrial design industry with international standards and Qingdao characteristics will be cultivated and developed. Since the launch of the grand prize, a total ofThe 265 entries of 159 units (individuals) were screened, and the main awards such as the Mayor Award, Gold Award, Intelligent Design Award, Green Design Award, Interaction Design Award, and Brand Design Award were selected. The\"Mayor's Cup\" industrial design competition is one of the important awards awarded by Qingdao in the field of industrial design, and represents the supreme honor in Qingdao's design field.

The award of this Industrial Design Award is the recognition of Zhonghong Heavy Machinery's technological innovation and industrial design development level by industry experts. Zhonghong will continue to adhere to the principles of safety, environmental protection, high efficiency, intelligence and reliability, and actively introduce advanced industrial design concepts and ergonomic concepts in design, research and development, and process standards to comprehensively enhance the design level of products and improve the user experience. , While improving efficiency and reducing costs for customers, it also contributes to the safety and working environment of mine practitioners.






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