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Research & Development Team

FAMBITION has a R&D team of rich experience and professional knowledge. The r&d and design of all products closely follows the development direction of similar products in the international market. The design goal is to ensure safety and reliability and meet various requirements of customers. With focus on design concept of easy operation, easy maintenance & lower labor intensity, lower downtime, higher production rate, lower running cost etc. All drawings and stress analysis are done with the latest 3D software technology.

Product Advantage

  Leading technology: the vehicle adopts CAN-bus control technology, which is easy to monitor and diagnose faults; transmission and hydraulic pressure adopt load sensing technology, which is efficient and energy-saving. In the dangerous area, it can be controlled by radio remote control of sight distance; it can realize the seamless interface with the digital mine, and then realize the remote control of over sight distance, and finally realize the remote control and operation of the surface.

All adopt the wet strong cold closed spring wheel side brake system, the brake is reliable;

Adopt ISO ROPS / FOPS fully sealed cab or cab shed;

All products are designed and produced according to the national safety technical standards, and all of them have passed the safety mark certification of mining products;

  Reliability: all the world famous imported low pollution engines (DEUTZ, Cummins, Benz, etc.) are used. According to the customer's requirements, air-cooled, water-cooled and plateau models can be selected. The American dyna torque converter and gearbox are used. The dyna or Kessler heavy axle is selected. The wheel brake has abundant power, reliable working system and low failure rate;

The frame structure is made of high-quality steel, which is produced by professional manufacturers. The frame is fully annealed, all shot peened and derusted, and all welds are fully inspected to ensure the frame strength and avoid cracking and deformation;

All electrical circuits and harnesses are protected by high-quality casings, and electrical parts and connectors are famous brand products to ensure reliable connection and sealing, waterproof, moisture-proof and dust-proof, and improve system life;

Reliable performance and quality, guarantee the service life and operation efficiency of the equipment, and reduce the mining production cost;

  Controllability: the control system adopts hydraulic pilot control and electro-hydraulic control to reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency; the hydraulic system adopts internationally famous pump valve and applies a large number of hydraulic hard pipes to reduce failure rate and ensure attendance rate.

Comfort: the driving and maintenance space meets the requirements of national standards and ergonomics: convenient operation, small operation force and torque;

  Personalization: it can be equipped with timed centralized lubrication system to reduce labor intensity and ensure safe operation and maintenance;

Adopt low pollution engine and platinum multi-element waste gas purification treatment, reduce waste gas emission, and can choose water washing system according to user's requirements;

ANSUL automatic fire extinguishing system can be selected to eliminate fire hazards;

According to the customer's environment, we can provide a closed cab and add air conditioning system;

The bucket with different bucket capacity can be selected according to the specific gravity of ore.






    Located at Laixi Economic Development Zone of Qingdao City, FAMBITION is a well known and specialised mining trackless equipment manufacturer.


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