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A delegation from Qingdao Private Economic Development Bureau visited Fambition Heavy Machinery for inspection and research

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On December 26, 2023, Li Jie, Deputy Director of the Qingdao Private Economic Development Bureau, Jiang Ning, Director of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Service Division, Wang Kang, Director of the Investment Cooperation Department of the Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Public Service Center, Li Wenhua, Director of the Chengyang Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Economic Development Section Section Chief Wang Wengang and other leaders went to Qingdao Zhonghong Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. to conduct on-site investigation and research.The purpose of this survey is to comprehensively understand the current situation of enterprises, discover potential problems, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of the private economy.



During the investigation, Deputy Director Li Jie and his delegation visited the company's R&D center, production center and other key departments, and learned in detail about the company's production scale, process flow, technological innovation and market expansion.Through in-depth exchanges with the company's management and employees, the research team gained a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the company's development.


Deputy Director Li Jie said during the survey that Qingdao Zhonghong Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., as an outstanding representative of private enterprises, has achieved remarkable results in technological innovation and market expansion, and has made positive contributions to the development of Qingdao's private economy.He emphasized that the private economy is an important part of the market economy and an important force in promoting economic and social development.Government departments will continue to increase support for private enterprises and create a better environment and conditions for enterprise development.

At the same time, Deputy Director Li Jie also pointed out some problems and challenges existing in the development process of enterprises, such as intensified market competition and difficulty in financing.He encouraged enterprises to strengthen their confidence, actively respond to challenges, strengthen technological innovation and brand building, improve core competitiveness, and achieve sustainable development.

Ning Xiaofeng, Chairman of Zhonghong Heavy Machinery, extended a warm welcome to the arrival of Deputy Director Li Jie and his delegation, and expressed his sincere gratitude to the Qingdao Private Economic Development Bureau for its long-term concern for the development of the enterprise.He pointed out that as a private enterprise, Zhonghong Heavy Machinery has continued to grow and develop with the support of the Qingdao Municipal Government and has made positive contributions to the economic and social development of Qingdao.He said that Zhonghong Heavy Machinery will continue to uphold the entrepreneurial spirit of 'integrity, innovation, and excellence' and make greater contributions to Qingdao's economic construction.At the same time, he also hopes that Qingdao Private Economic Development Bureau can continue to support the development of Zhonghong Heavy Machinery and jointly promote the prosperity and development of Qingdao's private economy.






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