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  • Hand in hand to fight the epidemic and overcome difficulties to improve business

    Zhonghong Heavy Machinery held its operation analysis meeting for the first quarter of 2020 on February 24. The financial report shows that the financial indicators of Zhonghong Heavy Machinery in the first quarter of this year have been gratifying compared to the same period in 2018 and 2019. The indicators of profit, repayment, and orders have all reached more than 90% of the budget indicators.

  • Thousands of miles neighbors walk side by side--Zhonghong Heavy Machinery helps Chile fight the epidemic

    Wanli walks side by side with the neighbors-Zhonghong Heavy Machinery helps Chile fight the epidemic Pinera gave a televised speech that day, declaring that the state of emergency was to prepare for the spread of the epidemic in advance, protect public health facilities, ensure the delivery of medical supplies, and implement isolation measures smoothly. Continuous community communication stage. Faced with the severe domestic situation in Chile, the Chilean Embassy in China sent out a message for help after contacting the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Machinery Chamber of Commerce. Viruses know no borders, and the epidemic is a common challenge facing mankind. Practice the concept of a community of human destiny advocated by President Xi Jinping, and work together to overcome difficulties. After receiving the donation proposal from the Chilean Embassy in China, Zhonghong Heavy Machinery immediately contacted the staff of the embassy to express its donation

  • Practice the service concept with practical actions

    Practice the service concept with practical actions After-sales service is an important guarantee for the company's product operation, and it is also the link between the company and its customers. Zhonghong Heavy Machinery After-sales Service Department always adheres to the service concept of \"providing customers with systematic, high-quality and efficient value-added services\", never forgets its mission, insists on fighting on the front line, and works diligently for the operation of Zhonghong trackless equipment. Escort. On November 10th, Zhangzhuang Iron Mine made an emergency service request to Zhonghong, and needed to update the vehicle electrical system of Zhonghong FL10 scraper. After receiving this task, the after-sales service department arranged after-sales engineers He Wenzhao, Xu Haibin, and Li Junyao to set off immediately. Since it was in an important epidemic prevention and control period at the time, in the face of maintenance tasks that had to be solved on site, the after-sales engineers of Zhonghong Heavy Machinery overcame various difficulties and successfully arrived at the site, and strictly followed the epidemic prevention measures provided by the project department. Rebuild the electrical system at the isolation point. Need to enter

  • Zhonghong Heavy Machinery and Northeastern University Deep Mining Laboratory Exchange Conference Held

    Since the establishment of an industry-university-research cooperation between Zhonghong Heavy Machinery and Northeastern University in 2019, the heavy machinery company and Northeastern University Deep Mining Laboratory exchange meeting was held. Both sides have actively docked to explore cooperation needs and cooperation directions. Under the coordination of Northeastern University Alumni Association, Director Li He of Northeastern University's Foreign Liaison Office and the company's human resources department, the school-enterprise cooperation has made some progress. The two parties organized the heavy mining company and Northeastern University in deep mining focus Laboratory substantive cooperation and exchange meeting. During the epidemic, the meeting was conducted in the form of multi-party video. This meeting invited Professor Sun Lei, Vice President of Northeastern University; Professor Feng Xiating, Vice President of Northeastern University and Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering; Professor Wang Qiang, President of Northeastern University Institute of Science and Technology; Professor Li Yuanhui, Deputy Director of the Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education; Mr. Li He, Director of the Outreach Department of Northeastern University, and other staff members participated. Zhonghong Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. attended the meeting

  • Zhonghong Heavy Machinery successfully signed ten million orders

    Renewed success report ▎Zhonghong Heavy Machinery's tens of millions of orders were successfully signed to unite and fight against the epidemic in the whole country. All industries and trades including the foreign trade economy need to be boosted. Zhonghong Heavy Machinery's epidemic prevention and management are both in hand. Frequently. At the beginning of the year, the CIS business district won 10 million orders, and now it has defeated many domestic and foreign competitors and won 10 million orders, and then the next city! The epidemic situation is ahead, the mission is in place, Zhonghong people will open up the territory and continue to move forward; every corner of the company, every department, you can feel the driving force of Zhonghong people; R & D, process, planning, production, procurement , Quality, manpower, finance, administration, market, you can see the figure of the lovely Zhonghong people working overtime and overtime; the internal staff break the department wall, take the initiative to take responsibility, work together, and respond as soon as possible; the sales staff make full use of The company's resources maintain communication with front-line customers, provide solutions, and ultimately gain customer trust. Those who work hard will always

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