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Advantages of underground mining equipment

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Underground mining equipment refers to machinery that specializes in mining, beneficiation, and prospecting. A large number of cranes, mechanical rock excavators, rock reinforcement and stratum support, as well as ventilators and drainage machinery used in underground mining operations, are all called underground mining equipment. Next, let us take a deeper look at the advantages of underground mining equipment. Here are some answers.


Fast and efficient underground loading.

Put into underground operations at any time.

Meet the needs of various applications.

Fast and efficient underground loading.

Our sturdy and durable series of scrapers are designed for rapid excavation in various scales of excavation operations. Efficient shoveling saves the user's time and costs spent on the project. Underground mining equipment is designed for safety, productivity, and operator comfort, and is suitable for transportation tasks in large-scale underground mining and construction projects. It combines inherent reliability, higher carrying capacity, and high-speed running capacity on-ramps, greatly improving productivity. In addition, to improve energy efficiency, we have reduced fuel consumption and lowered operating costs.

It is worth noting that our high-performance underground shovel loading, transportation, and unloading equipment is designed with full consideration of reliability, ease of maintenance, safety, and operating comfort. Our underground mining equipment has a wide range of transportation capabilities and rack types, which can easily meet the specific needs of customers in underground mining and tunnel excavation applications. From large-scale development to narrow vein mining, our underground mining equipment can boost your productivity.

Put into underground operations at any time.

The safety design concept of underground mining equipment combines ergonomics and automation functions to create excellent underground shovel equipment for customers. The engine of the underground dump truck meets the Tier3, Stage IIIB emission standards. The exhaust gas is treated by the diesel exhaust water washing and purification device, and the emission is almost invisible, which meets the environmental protection requirements of low pollution in underground mines. The powerful power of underground mining equipment can meet the requirements of different operating conditions, and it is both light and flexible to operate. Good performance enables underground mining equipment to be put into mining operations at any time.

Meet the needs of various applications.

Our FT30 underground dump truck can support up to 30 tons and is widely used in underground mining and tunnel excavation. As a vehicle operator of underground mining equipment, you can enjoy the operating comfort brought by ergonomically designed optional controls and air conditioning, thereby increasing productivity and reducing fatigue. From modular equipment to automated functions and electric mining and transportation equipment, underground mining equipment can be flexibly customized to effectively increase the value of the equipment while meeting customers' loading and transportation needs.

Our official website is https://www.fambition.com/. If you are in a related profession or are interested in our underground mining equipment, please contact us. We are committed to providing security for the global underground mining, efficient, intelligent trackless equipment, build trackless equipment automation, digital, intelligent ecosystem, to achieve the purpose of enhancing shovel ore shipment efficiency, reduce equipment operating costs and achieve sustainable productivity. We will provide you with high-performance underground mining equipment products and the best quality service.






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