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  • Advantages of Underground Utility Vehicle

    There is no substitute for hard work. Rugged products can cope with harsh conditions and difficult tasks. Whether you are dragging heavy cargo to the job site, our Underground Utility Vehicle allows you to complete all tasks with confidence. Next, let's take a look at the advantages of an Undergroun

  • Advantages of underground mining equipment

    Underground mining equipment refers to machinery that specializes in mining, beneficiation, and prospecting. A large number of cranes, mechanical rock excavators, rock reinforcement and stratum support, as well as ventilators and drainage machinery used in underground mining operations

  • Working principle of underground utility vehicle

    Working principle of underground utility vehicleAs part of the mining equipment series, we provide a full range of underground utility vehicles that can be used for underground mining transportation of various types of passengers and materials. This passage is going to talk about the following preca

  • Working principle of underground personnel carrier

    Working principle of underground personnel carrierOur FYR18 is an underground personnel carrier specially designed for underground mines and can carry up to 18 people.The man carrier adopts an articulated front and rear frame, steering with a steering gear, and a small turning radius, which is suita

  • Working principle of underground dump trucks

    Working principle of underground dump trucksThe structure of the dump truck's engine, chassis and cab are the same as ordinary trucks.The high-pressure oil passes through the distribution valve and the oil pipe enters the lifting hydraulic cylinder. There is a cab safety guard plate at the front of

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