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Culture first and development

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Corporate culture exists in every enterprise. It is the values, beliefs and behavior that the enterprise abides by, the soul of the enterprise, and the personality of the enterprise. "Tradition and atmosphere constitute the culture of a company," says William Dane. At the same time, culture means a company's values, such as being aggressive, keeping up or being flexible. These values constitute the norms of the company's employees' activities, opinions and behaviors. " A team without common ideals, common goals and common values will be scattered in one group and walk on their own. To some extent, the system determines the bottom line of an enterprise, and the culture determines the upper limit of an enterprise.

Since its establishment, Zhonghong heavy machinery has always paid attention to the cultivation of corporate culture and the shaping of excellent corporate culture. In recent years, with the shift of the company's strategic focus, corporate culture needs to make a transformation to meet the strategic needs. Especially after entering 2019, with the arrival of a large number of excellent talents, how to inject corporate culture into the hearts of every new employee as soon as possible, so that the new team can be kneaded into shape, and quickly form combat effectiveness is a huge problem faced by the company's senior management and Corporate Culture Department. For this reason, the company's senior management, in cooperation with the human resources department, and repeated consultations among various departments, timely adjusted the corporate culture connotation of the company, and the human resources department interpreted it to form a series of three-dimensional promotion programs of corporate culture.

Since the second quarter of 2019, based on the actual work of the Department, each major center plate has organized corporate culture training within the Department, focusing on actual cases and behaviors, sharing a large number of excellent cases matching the company's core values of the Department and other departments, and listing the behaviors that deviate from the company's core concepts to warn other employees of behavior improvement. In addition, the company's overall cultural training is conducted by the company's human resources department according to the editing of training materials, the collection of training cases, and then the publicity, implementation and explanation of culture for each department. Since May, human resources department has carried out on-site training for sales department, after-sales service department, production center and quality technology center, and focused on the detailed explanation of the company's medium and long-term talent management strategy. Through the training, the employees of all departments and grass-roots units have a new understanding of the corporate culture and are full of confidence and hope for the long-term development plan of the company.

In addition, in order to cooperate with the publicity, implementation and cultivation of corporate culture, a series of activities and mechanisms such as "cultural wall", "employee visit", "democratic life meeting", "cultural expansion" and "cultural deliberation" have been gradually carried out. With the gradual maturity of corporate culture management mechanism, the new generation of Zhonghong will quickly form a strong and powerful core leadership, forming a "work together in the same boat, pursue Excellent "team, constantly meet new challenges and create more brilliant performance.






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