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  • In the new spring, we are combat-ready, the closed training blow the offensive horn --The closed training for sales team

    On the first day after New Spring Festival holidays, when most people are still immersed in the festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival, the Fambition and Hambition has combat-ready. From 20th Feb to 24th Feb, the HR department organize the closed training for sales team, support team.

  • Fambition Held 2021 Sales Mobilization Meeting of the Spanish Business District

    The Spanish-speaking business district has a very important strategic position in the overseas market for Fambition. It has huge market development potential. A lot of large mines are located in South America. Since 2018, Fambition has gradually entered the South American region and established pilo

  • How to safely use underground LHD loaders?

    Underground LHD loaders are tools used to mine stones directly. It drills out the eye of the rock to blow up the rock and complete the mining of stone or other stonework. In addition, underground LHD loaders can be converted into destroyers to break hard layers such as concrete. This article briefly introduces the knowledge of underground LHD loaders.

  • How to properly install the underground LHD loaders?

    Underground LHD loader belongs to an important member of the grounding device in the lightning-proof grounding project, because of the different materials and production process, underground LHD loaders are divided into many kinds. Below for you to introduce the main types of underground LHD loaders and their structure and installation of the use of methods.

  • How to maintain underground LHD loaders?

    Underground LHD loaders are designed to transport rock materials safely, efficiently, and reliably in extreme conditions. These underground LHD loaders are rugged, compact, and powerful. The latest smart range of underground LHD loaders includes built-in intelligence and intelligent solutions. Next, I'll go into more detail about it.

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