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Environmental development of underground mining equipment

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Our underground mining equipment products are dedicated to helping customers in the mining and infrastructure fields improve productivity, safety, and sustainability. Our sustainability solutions are designed to solve key customer issues-including reducing operating costs, increasing productivity, improving equipment utilization, reducing environmental impact, and improving health and safety. Next, let us understand the environmental protection development of underground mining equipment. Here are some answers.


Sustainable development and corporate responsibility approach.

Environmental trends.

Sustainable development and corporate responsibility approach.

The sustainability and corporate responsibility of underground mining equipment are integrated into our products and our business processes. We believe this is the foundation for building a company that can meet the challenges of the future and embraces the possibilities in a rapidly changing world. We have set goals and key performance indicators to guide our work on sustainability issues. A major transformation in the underground mining equipment industry is the trend toward automation, interoperability, and digitalization. As part of the emergence of smart mining, our focus is to reduce the cost of the mining industry, increase productivity, performance key technologies, and safety. Higher levels of automation can reduce labor costs and health and safety risks. We have also formulated a new long-term sustainable development goal for 2025 and actively contribute to the realization of the global United Nations sustainable development goals.

Environmental trends.

Nowadays, underground mining equipment companies pay more and more attention to the research and development and production of high-efficiency, energy-saving, and environmental protection equipment. For example, underground mining equipment adopts the design principles of long life, low energy consumption, and weight reduction, and uses low environmental load materials in actual production, and uses no harmful materials as much as possible. To minimize the pollution caused by the disposal of discarded parts and optimize the overall cost, underground mining equipment products must consider the issues of simple disposal, low cost, and low pollution of discarded parts at the initial stage of design. And the problem that the parts should be easy to disassemble, easy to be broken, can be incinerated, or can be recycled as fuel. The use of renewable materials and resources in underground mining equipment can well ensure that it can comply with development trends.

While encouraging mining exploration, the state has also strengthened its efforts to rectify the mining market. With the closure of a large number of small metallurgical and small coal mining enterprises, new large-scale beneficiation plants and large-scale coal preparation plants have been constructed one after another, which puts forward higher requirements on underground mining equipment. Under this circumstance, it urgently needs energy-saving and environmentally-friendly underground mining equipment with large processing capacity, high separation efficiency, and reliable operation. The automation, large-scale, and high-efficiency energy-saving of mine environmental protection equipment has become the focus of future research for underground mining equipment manufacturers. In addition, the cost of new environmentally friendly and energy-saving equipment is rapidly decreasing along with the scale of the industry and technological progress. Costs have been reduced, and mining investors are more willing to purchase affordable and reliable environmentally-friendly, and energy-saving underground mining equipment as the first-choice equipment for production. Based on this, environmental protection and energy-saving equipment can increasingly show cost advantages.

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