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Fambition Heavy Machinery Marketing Center’s first half of 2023 summary meeting and closed training

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In the first week of August, the Marketing Center held a week-long work summary and closed training video conference for the first half of the year. The conference was chaired by Assistant General Manager Wang Xiaodan and attended by Zhonghong Heavy Machinery General Manager Susan, Executive Vice President Fu, Finance Center, and Human Resources Department. All members of the marketing center attended the meeting.


First of all, General Assistant Wang Xiaodan expressed his gratitude to the marketing team for their work in the first half of the year. He thanked everyone for their team spirit and will to overcome difficulties in the first half of the year. Thank you for your hard work in the company. The achievements are never achieved without everyone. concerted efforts.


According to the agenda of the meeting, the six major theater generals made detailed reports and inventory on the completion of performance indicators in the first half of the year and the annual work plan in the first half of the year, summarized gains and losses, dealt with difficulties and challenges, and also reviewed the performance indicators and work plans for the first half of the year. The implementation is clear.


Susan expressed her recognition and affirmation of the work and achievements of each theater, and made corresponding comments and summaries. At the same time, she also output a series of lists of key tasks for the second half of the year.


Mr. Fu made key comments on the after-sales service system. The after-sales service team must not only improve on-site fault judgment and problem-solving capabilities, but also transform its functions into equipment operation management; overhaul and remanufacturing must improve system construction and institutional process construction step by step. As a production unit, we should do a good job in lean production management such as cost and quality, achieve revenue expectations through various measures, and ensure that the company's after-market strategy is achieved.


Susan pointed out that Zhonghong Heavy Machinery has a profound foundation and a wide range of customer groups in the mining industry. Through ten years of exploration, accumulation and development, it has made continuous breakthroughs in product chain expansion, technological rectification and innovation, product upgrade and iteration, etc. Progress, the company's brand and corporate development strategy have been tested and verified by practice. We have created value for domestic and foreign customers, industries and countries, and solved a series of stuck problems.

The marketing team is the vanguard to connect with customers. Our mission is to run the market, find customers, identify pain points, discover needs, make plans, promote projects, and win orders.In the first half of the year, with the budget as the goal and the annual work plan as the starting point, the six theaters launched rounds of new market research and new project promotion activities in old markets. The marketing department organized and took the lead in completing a series of domestic and foreign projects. Participating in the exhibition, the internal support department assisted the sales department in completing a series of bidding tasks. The customs declaration department worked efficiently to successfully complete the import and export customs declaration and overseas shipment tasks in the first half of the year. The after-market system was explored, set up and put into trial operation, and each service station ensured troubleshooting. Timeliness and customer satisfaction.In the first half of the year, various indicators and work plans of the Marketing Center exceeded expectations and achieved more than half of the time and half of the tasks.

Everyone gathers together today not only to celebrate yesterday's success, but also to share information, summarize experience, learn and think, refine new problems in the new situation, how to embrace changes and solve these problems in a timely manner, how to win orders efficiently, how to Complete the annual work plan with quality and quantity, and how to exceed the annual budget target.

I will cultivate my fighting sword and kill for nine days, and I will shed my blood and move forward indomitably.After ten years of sharpening the sword, the company now has reason to believe that FAMBITION, the 'Hong Family Army' team composed of a family that is better than brothers and sisters, has the same goal, strong will, iron-like discipline, and powerful combat capabilities Ability, uncompromising execution, efficient collaboration and the spirit of unity and cooperation, we will be invincible, surpass ourselves, and achieve our goals!

On weekend evenings, the marketing center organized a BBQ team-building activity with the theme of 'Working together in the same boat and pursuing excellence' to celebrate the summer and bloom with passion.







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