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Fambition Heavy Machinery's second-generation high-prototype LHD passed the safety calibration model inspection

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On April 11, 2021, with the smooth completion of the last inspection project, the second-generation prototype underground LHD newly developed by Fambition Heavy Machinery passed the “Safety Production” hosted by the “National Safety Production Changsha Mine Electromechanical Inspection and Inspection Center”. Calibration type inspection", this inspection is the key technical node of the "Mining Product Safety Mark Certificate" issued by the "Safety Standard National Mining Product Safety Marking Center". Passing this test means that Fambition second-generation high-profile underground shovel. The LHD has reached the technical standards required by the design, and has been successfully developed. This product has advanced technology and has reached the international first-class level. It is the best substitute for imported products.


After the relevant approval procedures of the Safety Standards Center are completed and the "Safety Certificate Of Approval For Mining Products" is obtained, this equipment will be delivered to the pre-ordered user---the largest underground gold mine in China with an altitude of 5000 meters in Tibet.

The FL10 prototype underground diesel LHD is a new generation plateau model that Qingdao Fambition Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. has upgraded the power system and transmission matching, hard rock excavation, etc., for the high cold and high altitude harsh environment above 5000 meters. The following technical characteristics


1、It adopts the original imported VOLVO TAD1150VE engine with sufficient output power and torque reserve. It can guarantee more than 80% torque output under working conditions above 5000 meters above sea level.


2、The Dana C5502 torque converter is re-matched, and the acceleration performance and dynamics are better.

3、The engine heat dissipation system is optimized, and the heat dissipation capacity is increased by 30%, making it more suitable for harsh environments with low boiling points of refrigerants in high altitude areas.

4、The cab adopts higher-performance thermal insulation and shock-absorbing interior materials, which effectively solves the impact of underground temperature, noise, and vibration on the driver, and improves the comfort of the driver.

5、The cab is equipped with a new type of air-conditioning system, which increases the function of fresh air and improves the working environment of the driver.

6、The bucket blade and surrounding guard plates are made of imported wear-resistant steel plates, which are more suitable for shoveling and digging high-hardness ore, effectively increasing the service life of the bucket.
7、In order to meet the needs of different users, the FL10 plateau model can be equipped with a trailer device to provide trailer services for various vehicles

8、Adopting Fambition Heavy Machinery's upgraded electronic control system and vehicle information management system, adding parameters such as engine fuel consumption, torque coefficient, and engine intake pressure and setting, so that the driver can easily monitor the working status of the engine and predict failures. It can also add supporting production management systems, safety management systems, and equipment management systems according to user needs to meet the needs of informatization and intelligent management of mine equipment management departments.



Fambition FL10 diesel LHD do the test for mining safety.



The successful research and development of the second-generation high prototype underground LHD of Fambition Heavy Machinery will provide domestic and foreign plateau mine customers with more efficient, smarter, lower cost and better service solutions when choosing production equipment.






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