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Fambition Held 2021 Sales Mobilization Meeting of the Spanish Business District

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The Spanish-speaking business district has a very important strategic position in the overseas market for Fambition. It has huge market development potential. A lot of large mines are located in South America. Since 2018, Fambition has gradually entered the South American region and established pilot customers in Chile, Peru and other countries. In 2020, affected by the COVID-19 and various factors, the Spanish-speaking business district didn’t completely finish the target. After repetitive adjustments, training, and personnel replacement, a new team is initially established. On the morning of January 23, 2021, under the auspices of the business district manager Zhang Chao, the Spanish Business District held a sales staff mobilization meeting. GM Mrs. Su, Director Mr. Fu and HR Director Mr. Li Guang attended the meeting.


At this meeting, Manager Li Zhen summarized the work of the Spanish-speaking business district in 2020, and analyzed the markets and competitors in major countries such as Chile and Peru. Manager Zhang Chao explained the adjusted team responsibilities and division of labor, as well as the key tasks and work objectives of the Spanish Business District in 2021. At the meeting, Manager Zhang Chao put forward requirements to the sales staff in the business district based on personal experience, requiring that every sales manager should focus on work target, maintain passion and enthusiasm for work, customers, and signing orders, and be hungry for success thirst, in 2021, we will work together for another year to ensure the completion of the annual sales target of the business district. Since then, all sales managers in the business district have unanimously expressed their opinions. After several years of foreshadowing and customer relationship maintenance, they are confident and motivated to guarantee the signing of orders in the first half of this year and the completion of the business district sales targets throughout the year.


Human Resources Director Li Guang also provided suggestions to the Spanish business district. The annual work plan should be broken down before the end of January. The team should meet more to discuss, introduce their own situation and experience, learn from each other and make progress, and give full play to everyone's strengths and needs; It is suggested that the Spanish business district should make a better mechanism in terms of work plan, publicity, and agency cooperation, so that market development can be better protected.


Director Fu is very supportive of the requirements made by Manager Zhang Chao, and at the same time he asked to take the initiative to investigate the actual needs of customers and make detailed sales plans.


General Manager Su finally made a summary. First of all, I would like to thank the Spanish team for being on the front line during the epidemic, and thank everyone for their hard work during the epidemic. As the new crown epidemic get controlled, everyone should work together offline and online under the leadership of Manager Zhang Chao to sprint towards our established direction and goals. After the end of the COVID-19 in the future, we must make good use of the market's retaliatory rebound to fully seize the market and increase market share. The company's senior management and various departments will always maintain support for South America's work. In 2021, we look forward to your breakthroughs and work results.






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