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Goal Anchoring·Quality Innovation

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The new year has begun, and the Quality Technology Center has ushered in a new year full of hope and challenges.The first quarter is a critical period for the entire year and is the cornerstone for achieving annual development goals. The technology center, quality department, and process department organize relevant meetings on the annual plan and key work in the first quarter respectively.

The Technology Center organizes the annual project progress scheduling meeting to examine and accept the progress results of key projects while anchoring the Technology Center's 2024 work goals and opening a new chapter for the entire year's work.According to the inspection and acceptance of the dispatch meeting, with the management support of the project system and related processes, each project organized review and approval as required, strictly controlled quality and milestones, and achieved significant results in project advancement.At the same time, we can respond quickly to special market needs through reasonable resource allocation.This achievement has greatly boosted the morale of all staff. The meeting was a time of striking while the iron was hot. Faced with a period of heavy overlap in design work from February to March, all staff of the technology center strengthened their beliefs and overcame difficulties.The first cup of milk tea in 2024 is for dreams, challenges, and the wonderful things we are about to bloom.


The quality department ushered in various qualifications and certifications at the beginning of the year, and worked intensively to organize internal and external work to carry out relevant work to ensure product 'passport' to safeguard product quality, market development and company competitiveness improvement.At the same time, in order to continuously improve customer satisfaction, the Quality Department continues to improve quality based on the improvement experience in the past year. In 2024, it will mobilize powerful resources through special improvement activities to fundamentally improve product quality.

The process department is rooted on site and is the core link between design and manufacturing, as well as the key process guarantee for product realization.By refining key work and decomposing tasks in the first quarter of 2024, assigning responsible persons to follow up on implementation, ensuring that team members have a clear understanding of goals and tasks, while also providing a platform for continuous improvement and innovation.

The Quality Technology Center is an important support for the company's continuous innovation and development. From technological innovation research and development, production process optimization, to product quality control and management, the three departments work closely together to ensure that every link of the product from design to production meets the expected standards and achieves Annual work goals.






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