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Heavy Machinery Marketing Center's summary meeting report for the first half of 2021

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On July 31, 2021, the Heavy Machinery Marketing Center held a three-day summary and closed training meeting for the first half of 2021. General Manager Susan, Mr. Fu, all members of the marketing center, and leaders from related sectors such as production, finance, technology, and administration centers attended the meeting.



In the summary meeting on the first day, the six major business district respectively reported on the completion of various operating indicators in the first half of the year and the work plan for the second half of the year, and counted the difficulties and challenges encountered in the first half of the The deployment plan and plan for response to business indicators.


The marketing department, after-sales service department, product manager and internal service section chief of the marketing center also made corresponding work reports. At the same time, several new employee representatives also expressed their feelings and expectations for the future after entering the company.


Finally, General Manager Susan and Mr. Fu made a concluding speech. First, they affirmed everyone's performance in the first half of the year. Under multiple pressures such as the epidemic, low-price competition, and mine safety accidents, the sales team has achieved remarkable results. The Six Business District lived up to the company's heavy trust and made every effort to sprint various business indicators for the first half of the year. Today's revenue and other indicators for the first half of the year have completed 131% of the same period last year. However, we still have a big gap before the full-year budget. The tasks in the second half of the year are arduous. Under the leadership of the district general manager, the marketing centers are required to do their utmost to ensure delivery, promote the signing of orders, and force back the payment. , Work together and strive to achieve the budget goal! After the conference, all theaters will be put into the front line of the market immediately, to develop new business opportunities and new markets, and to reserve orders for the first quarter of 2022!

Each section of the marketing center should strengthen the linkage, implement a new marketing form-operation and maintenance package service model among high-quality customers, and strive to contribute 1-2 50 million-level 3-5 year operation and maintenance large package projects for the company within two years.


In the next two days of training, General Manager Susan gave more than six hours of wonderful training and explanations on the process and forms of the "Iron Triangle" project for large customers of Fambition Heavy Machinery, as well as the operation standard management methods. The marketing center also invited the production center general manager Wang Yijie and the quality director general manager Wang Quan to give a wonderful training lecture on the production system and quality system on "execution", which benefited the marketing center team a lot and further realized the importance of execution! The prerequisite for execution is to do a good job in the process system and operation specifications, do a good job in PDCA management, do a good job in team building, without execution, nothing can be done! We also invited Mr. Fu to conduct training on the organizational structure and business process of the mining industry, so that everyone can further realize the importance of being familiar with the customer process for the promotion of business wins! The product manager’s training on product & aftermarket operation and maintenance solutions originally planned for the meeting will be arranged separately due to time constraints.



There is also an important topic of this training: "The second half of the decisive battle, hit the overall goal" mobilization meeting. A game session was set up at the conference: sales of the PK challenge of each theater team, the challenge content is the second half of the year (starting from July 1), such as revenue, signing, payment and other indicators. All theaters actively participated, selected their opponents, and spontaneously formed 6 challenge teams, ready to compete in the end of the year.This event created a good atmosphere of "mutual help, mutual promotion, mutual learning, and mutual comparison" in the sales team. Through the comparison and learning in the second half of the year, I believe that everyone can become a winner in the challenge.

Founding my sword to go to the highest of heavens, sprinkle with blood and move forward!








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