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How to maintain the Underground dump truck?

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Nowadays, mine underground dump truck has become a good mechanical tool to replace manual operation, with large load capacity, convenient and labor-saving use, and flexible action. After starting with the underground dump truck, we need to pay attention to its follow-up maintenance, to ensure that the underground dump truck can play its role in long-term work. This paper will explain in detail the maintenance method of an underground dump truck in mine.

underground dump truck

When receiving the underground dump truck of the mine

When operating mine underground dump truck

Other precautions

When receiving the underground dump truck of the mine

After receiving the underground dump truck of the mine, first check whether there is oil in the oil tank, whether the engine water tank is short of water, the oil volume of the hydraulic oil tank, etc., and check whether all parts are intact and free of faults. After that, the underground dump truck of the mine can be put into operation after a certain running in. Never put it into normal operation immediately without running in.

When operating mine underground dump truck

The first gear of low speed shall be selected when the heavy vehicle travels. It is forbidden to use the first gear of high speed because the first gear belongs to the low gear, and the heavy vehicle adopts the first gear and then adjusts to the high speed, which is easy to damage the rear axle.

When the vehicle is running, the power take-off switch must be turned off. Turn on the power take-off switch after stopping before unloading. Because the connection between the power take-off and the gearbox depends on the engagement of the spring and the gear. If the engagement is not in place, turn the gear and it is easy to hit the teeth.

The temperature of underground dump trucks for mining is easy to drop. Customers who need to replace antifreeze should vent the water in the water tank in time and then replace it with antifreeze, otherwise, the engine will be scrapped.

If it is found that the rear axle of the underground dump truck in the mine has abnormal noise during heavy load, the gear oil of the rear axle must be replaced in time, and the old oil in the rear axle must be poured out. There are many impurities in it, which should be replaced in time, otherwise, the service life of the rear axle will be affected.

Other precautions

Repair and maintenance of the machine mainly refer to eliminating potential faults, preventing or reducing the occurrence of faults, and don't wait until the parts can't rotate before repairing. Underground dump trucks are essential for working in mines. Underground dump truck is a transport vehicle for transporting bulk materials such as ore and waste rock in mines. It can be said that the underground dump truck plays an important role in the mine. Sometimes the mine car has problems, and even the working efficiency of the whole mine will decline sharply. Then take it to repair, it has delayed the progress of the work. If the machine fails but is not repaired in time, it will reduce power and increase fuel consumption.

Underground dump trucks are used more and more widely in mines. All kinds of use problems are also of great concern. We should know that only correct use and timely maintenance can achieve low consumption. The above is all about how to maintain the underground dump truck in this paper. I hope it will be helpful to you.






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