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How to maintain underground dump truck?

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There are definitely benefits to owning an underground dump truck; However, this underground dump truck also has many disadvantages. In most cases, keeping a new car clean, both inside and outside, is a particular challenge.


Here are the main points of the article:

What are the maintenance tips for the underground dump trucks?

What are the tips for the drivers of the underground dump trucks?

What are the tips for the operators of the underground dump trucks?


1. What are the maintenance tips for the underground dump trucks?

Pressure wash: Maybe you want to take your garbage to the dump in an underground dump truck, or you want to carry dirt or similar building materials. Your car will soon get dirty. Unfortunately, you can't just take your car to your local car wash as you would with a standard car. Instead, you have to be creative. An effective way to clean underground dump trucks is through a pressure washer. The pressure from the tool will wipe away any dirt assembly on its exterior, and the water will help give it a clean, shiny appearance.

Interior: It should come as no surprise that you care for the interior of an underground dump truck the same way you care for the interior of a standard car. This may be fairly obvious, but it's still critical that you keep these pointers in mind if you want the vehicle to look as good as new. It's always a good idea to vacuum the inside every few months. In addition to aesthetics, vacuuming can remove dirt or other dirt from the cabin. This is especially important if you seem to have breathing problems or allergies.

Making the underground dump truck last: The experience and skills of the driver will have a huge impact on the cost of running the underground dump truck. A good driver, especially on the highway, can affect your fuel economy by as much as a third. Maintenance, especially of daily small items, also plays a certain role. Ignoring routine checks is one of the worst things you can do. Not caring about cheap things in the first place will only lead to higher costs. Make sure you find a dealer who can accurately help you explain the underground dump truck for your needs. Explain to the dealer what you are doing with the dump truck, how long you will be keeping it, how many miles or roads you are pulling, how many miles or roads you want to ride on the highway, the speed and how far you have to go between pickup trucks.

Underground dump truck 

2. What are the tips for the drivers of the underground dump trucks?

Keep your tires well inflated to make sure they don't wear out.

Use antifreeze in cold weather to prevent the material from freezing and getting stuck in the truck bed. Ensure that the load is evenly distributed.

Don't overload the top of the underground dump truck bed.

When reversing, keep your underground dump truck and trailer in a straight line and do not exceed your walking speed.

Please stay in the cab and fasten your seat belt during the dump. Do not attempt to exit or jump from an overturned truck. Staying in the truck was the best way for the driver to protect himself in the mine.

Dump only on flat surfaces. Do not dump on uneven, loose or unduly pressed surfaces.


3. What are the tips for the operators of the underground dump trucks?

Install thermometers at dump site to notify truck drivers of freezing conditions.

Stick to MSHA’s requirement at 30 CFR 77.1708 to “establish and maintain a program of instruction on safety regulations and procedures to be followed in mines, issued and distributed to each employee, and posted in obvious places in my mine, all these safety rules and procedures in accordance with the provisions of this section”


The article above has shown some ways to maintain the underground dump truck as well as some trips for the users. For more technical support, contact us.






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