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How to maintain underground lhd loader?

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The underground LHD loader is a mining loader designed for ruggedness and reliability even in the most difficult underground mining conditions. LHD capacity is 10 tons. The underground LHD loader we produce is also easy to operate and maintain.


Here are the main points of the article:

What are the advantages of the underground LHD loaders?

How do you optimize the performance of the underground LHD loaders?

How do you maintain the underground LHD loaders?


1. What are the advantages of the underground LHD loaders?

Simple and reliable sturdy 21st century 10-ton underground LHD loader

Easy to learn, operate and maintain

Low operating costs and high productivity, ensuring low cost per ton

Redesigned for high productivity and reliability under challenging conditions

All electronic components are at a height of one meter to enable operation in muddy and wet conditions

Routine maintenance on the ground makes maintenance safer

underground LHD loaders 

2. How do you optimize the performance of the underground LHD loaders?

The optimal cycle time for underground LHD loaders was 28-42 seconds, with an average of 35 seconds. The most effective passing game is three or four passes.

The underground LHD loaders work best where the floor is flat, dry, smooth and firm. Enough lateral fall and drainage will minimize tire damage. Additional considerations include the use of broken materials to minimize congestion, especially in the area of cut toes, low facial contour, and the ability to multifaceted. The underground LHD loaders do not perform well in poor underfoot conditions, tight load areas, and when moving poor shooting materials.

It is recommended to observe the correct technique of the underground LHD loader operator:

Straight into the pile parallel to the bottom of the barrel to pull the pile point.

Keep the frame straight while digging.

Lift the material slightly.

When the bucket is full, make sure the lifting arm is horizontal.

Hold on to your face for 12 seconds or less.

In first gear, start the machine at full throttle.

Keep the correct bucket kick out settings.

Keep the leakage to a minimum.

Keep the floor clean and smooth; When close to the ground, minimize contact with the ground if necessary.


3. How do you maintain the underground LHD loaders?

The maintenance considerations for the underground LHD loaders are as the follows:

Begin at face and end at dump

Trucks should run at a reasonable and constant speed

Where does the truck slow down, assess the cause, and fix it

Remove and repair the wet or soft spots of the underground LHD loaders


Underground mines are one of the most challenging environments for operators and their equipment such as underground LHD loaders. Many devices can fall deep under harsh conditions, affecting the performance of the device. Even the process of getting the underground LHD loaders to work adds a lot of logistics and costs. Despite the challenging downhole environment, miners have been looking for ways to improve loading and transportation performance to reduce costs per ton. For more help and support, contact us.






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