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How to maintain underground mining equipment?

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Safety is a big problem in the mining industry. The issue becomes even more important when the death or near-death of miners makes national or international headlines. The question is: How can mining companies improve safety and maintain the underground mining equipment?


Here are the main points of the article:

  • What are the causes of injuries when using underground mining equipment?

  • How to improve underground mining equipment maintenance safety?

  • What are the tips to reduce accidents when using underground mining equipment?


1. What are the causes of injuries when using underground mining equipment?

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Underground mining equipment maintenance is an injury-prone arena in part because it is seen as routine, even safe. For example, if a dog looks friendly, why should you be wary? However, underground mining equipment maintenance is not a friendly dog. The danger of maintenance also lies in the complexity of mining machinery. Accidents can occur if workers are not properly trained to operate and maintain large and complex machines. During the underground mining equipment maintenance process, some companies did not implement proper monitoring, program compliance, and program checklists. The last reason that cannot be ignored is the equipment design problem. All these problems must be addressed as thoroughly as possible if the number of casualties is to be reduced. 


2. How to improve underground mining equipment maintenance safety?

The best way to improve underground mining equipment maintenance security is to use safer underground mining equipment. A report identified underground mining equipment design as the primary and primary way to improve safety. Most mines are rushing to implement checklists, improve training, change work schedules, launch new safety programs, strengthen emergency response plans, and conduct motivational conversations. All of these are important steps to reduce injuries. But what they haven't done is address the key issue of maintainability, which is one of the main causes of injuries. No safety plan, regardless of its effectiveness, will reduce the risk maintenance of poorly designed underground mining equipment.

So the real solution is to use underground mining equipment that is safer and more maintainable. Perhaps the reason this problem is so easy to ignore is because it is the most expensive and complex solution. Mining operations depend on their underground mining equipment and personnel. The replacement of this underground mining equipment requires a great deal of effort and cost.


3. What are the tips to reduce accidents when using underground mining equipment?

  • Don’t ignore the danger: The first step to protecting your safety is to recognize the fact that working in a mine is dangerous. Acknowledge that the mining industry is inherently dangerous, and remain vigilant. Pay attention to your colleagues, too. Never let your guard down. Accidents of great consequence can occur in a moment of carelessness.

  • Plan and communicate: When planning tasks, don't just focus on getting them done as efficiently as possible. Allocate additional time and money for security requirements. When you try to meet deadlines or improve the quality of your work, never compromise the safety of your employees. All risks, including the possibility of an accident, should be assessed. Eliminate as much risk as possible. Provide clear instructions to your team where risks still exist and teach them how to mitigate them. If necessary, respond to emerging dangers.

  • Wear safety equipment: When using underground mining equipment, there is a long list of safety equipment for mining workers, from helmets to safety glass and gloves. All workers must wear the necessary safety equipment at all times. For example, there are countless stories of workers being saved by helmets.


Mining is a dangerous job. If you are considering a career in mining, it is essential to take the above safety measures to make your time in the mine as trouble-free as possible.






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