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In the new spring, we are combat-ready, the closed training blow the offensive horn --The closed training for sales team

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On the first day after New Spring Festival holidays, when most people are still immersed in the festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival, the Fambition and Hambition has combat-ready. From 20th Feb to 24th Feb, the HR department organize the closed training for sales team, support team.

The theme of this training is "Build a sales team with passion and efficiency, professional dedication, customer first ", aiming to improve the professional knowledge level of employees and the efficiency of teamwork through a series of trainings, and to deepen the concept of "customer-centric" Employees' thoughts and practices are in action. The courses cover product knowledge of various models, hydraulic and electrical principles, elite team building, business knowledge, etc., pre-sales support, complete machine, hydraulics, electrical research institutes, and financial, human resources and other related personnel to provide lecturers support for this training.

The Chairman Mr. Ning and GM Mrs. Su have participated the training and asked all the trainees to be serious and meticulous in their work and study, actively participate in training and learning, improve their personal thinking pattern, and demand themselves in the style of the army. Work together to create a sales team.


The first day of the training started with "Buliding the Sales Iron Army of Zhonghong", organized and taught by the Human Resources Department, mainly introducing the main characteristics of the elite team, the formation stage, the elements of team marketing, and the construction plan of Fambition Sales Iron Army.



The trainees actively participated in group discussions.


The presentation of trainees


Classroom interaction, active atmosphere



The following training focuses on technical training. Chairman Mr. Ning, pre-sales support engineer Mr. Liu, technical center engineer Mr. Zhou, Mr. Liu and Mr. Li Gong respectively come on stage to do the training, and Mr. Ning gave a basic overview of mine operation, and patiently explained the questions about mining. The pre-sales support engineer Mr. Liu animation presentation allowed everyone to understand the mining process and the current advanced mining technology. At the same time, he introduced the product knowledge of our company’s main models. The technical center engineers described the selling points of the new products, and introduced characteristics of the company's electrical and hydraulic systems, and the comparison with the rivals.


Financial and legal knowledge training allows everyone to further deepen their understanding of relevant business knowledge.


After the active participation of everyone, with the support from company's leaders and various departments, the training ended successfully. All the trainees showed a good spirit and full of vigor. This training is arranged after the Spring Festival holiday. The first purpose is to get everyone to work in a timely manner and deepen the awareness of teamwork; the other is to reserve knowledge for the upcoming market competition.

Two months has passed since 2021, we need to get up and go to the market as soon as possible. We must adhere to our passionate fighting spirit and promote various tasks efficiently. We must continuously improve our professional level and serve every customer with our heart. We must always adhere to the "customer-centric" business philosophy, and take customer needs as the starting point; we must continue to refine our marketing force to create a marketing team. I believe that in 2021, we will face our customers with a better and better attitude, and provide customers with better products and better services.

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