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Lean Starts with the Heart, Improvement Starts with everyone---Fambition conduct training for “Proposal Improvement”

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On 8th July 2020, the human resource department organizes a “Proposal Improvement” training for the management staff from Fambition and Hambition. The training was lectured by Mr. Zhu Wei.

Proposal improvement is an important part of Toyota's lean production management. Mr.Zhu used the process improvement of a glass factory as an entry point, and led to the idea of improving the proposal. From the concept, implementation, system and case, the main points of the proposal improvement are presented. During the period, many tools for analyzing and solving problems are interspersed and explained. These are also mentioned in previous trainings, such as "4M1E", "PDCA", "5WHY", key points for improvement, ten steps for improvement, and common problems in industrial enterprises. In addition, it interspersed with the IE methods and quality control methods that are often used in lean production. The 3-hour training course presents extremely rich knowledge and information, and connects some of the management methods we are familiar with a main line, so that everyone has a deeper understanding of the concept of lean production.

This training is just a beginning. Next, Fambition will organize various ”proposal improvement” in every department. The essence of lean management is that everyone emancipate their minds, diligently thinks about and improves the problems in their works. And we can improve the office efficiency and quality through continuous improvement and optimization. We believe that lean management can shape a person’s habit, ways of thinking and even attitudes towards life. Regularly reviews your performance, whether you use good methods in your work, think about what problems exist and whether there are better solutions. Over time, it will become a habit, so that you will have a professional quality of continuous improvement and unconsciousness in your work.

Lean management is life-long learning, we believe that after continuous learning and practicing, we can complete our job better and better. We will create more development value and wealth through lean tools.

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