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Practice the service concept with practical actions

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Practice the service concept with practical actions

After-sales service is an important guarantee for the company's product operation, and it is also the link between the company and its customers.

Zhonghong Heavy Machinery Service Department has always upheld\"Provide customers with systematic, high-quality and efficient value-for-money service \" service concept, always forget their mission, insist on fighting on the front line, work hard, and escort the operation of Zhonghong trackless equipment.

On March 10th, Zhangzhuang Iron Mine made an emergency service request to Zhonghong, and needed to update the vehicle electrical system of Zhonghong FL10 scraper. After receiving this task, the after-sales service department arranged after-sales engineers He Wenzhao, Xu Haibin, and Li Junyao to set off immediately. Since it was in an important epidemic prevention and control period at the time, in the face of maintenance tasks that had to be solved on site, the after-sales engineers of Zhonghong Heavy Machinery overcame various difficulties and successfully arrived at the site, and strictly followed the epidemic prevention measures provided by the project department. Rebuild the electrical system at the isolation point.


The equipment that needs to be updated for the electrical system is the second car shipped by Zhonghong Heavy MachineryFL10A has been in use for nearly 18,000 hours. During the task implementation, various problems were encountered:1

  • Due to the technical upgrade, there are actually large differences between the current drawings and vehicles, which adds a lot of difficulty to the on-site construction.

  • The equipment is used for a long time, and many wire numbers and logos are aging and lost.3

  • The customer used this equipment to carry out the experiment of the remote control system, and modified the electrical system of the equipment, which caused a large area of ​​damage to the original lines of the vehicle, which also caused serious obstacles to redo the distribution box and replace the wiring harness.

Although the problem exists, it cannot stop the work progress of Zhonghong's after-sales service personnel. With the encouragement of the company leaders and the support of various departments of the company, the staff of the after-sales service department faced the difficulties and finallyThe electrical system was completed on March 27, downhole installation was performed on the 28th, commissioning was completed on the 30th, and the equipment was operated normally on the 31st.


In this project, the personnel of the after-sales service department assembled the electrical system13 days, 1 day of installation, 2 days of commissioning, a total of 16 days, completed the task in advance, customers praised Zhonghong Heavy Machinery for its efficient and timely after-sales service. The after-sales service engineer also showed the customer Zhonghong Heavy Machinery's concept of\"providing systematic, high-quality and efficient value-added services\"!

After the entire vehicle electrical system update, the after-sales service department also trained the team's assembly skills and improved the ability to diagnose electrical system failures. Our young and energetic service team has stood the test, and at the same time, it has also accumulated valuable experience for later service.







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