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Tests like fire tempering real gold ---2021 New Year Message

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Time is whizzing, and the sunshine of 2021 will come as promised. We are about to wave goodbye to 2020! We are about to embrace 2021 and start a new journey! Happy New Year to every partner in our global market!

2020, we are hard to say! The novel coronavirus epidemic, the US election, and the sudden changes in the world under the impact of multiple forces, the uncertainty is beyond imagination, the world is so strange! On the cover of the latest issue of the US "Time" magazine, there was a sentence: 2020 is the worst year!

Epidemics, conflicts, locust plagues, floods, fires, trade wars, anti-globalization…

A grain of ash of the times, falling on everyone, is a mountain.

For Fambition Heavy Machinery, like many companies, we have to face various problems caused by the sudden epidemic just after the Spring Festival. Emergency resumption of work and production, order delivery, market development, overseas station, supply chain guarantee, management upgrade, productivity increase, guaranteed revenue, guaranteed profit...

It is not easy for us to go back to 2020. When we have climbed through the hurdles of a major change that has not happened in a century, and persisted all the way down, we can understand this sentence better: Tests are like fire, and real gold can be tempered!

In 2020, we will not be afraid of panic. With the concerted efforts of all employees, we will resume work and production in a timely manner, and strive to ensure the output and delivery of a series of products after the Spring Festival; our production, technology, and quality related departments are linked to ensure a smooth supply chain and guarantee production capacity Improve and ensure the operation of the quality system. Through the construction and improvement of the information platform, we will enhance our operational level and efficiency, and strive to ensure that the total output value of this year hits a record high in the past, of which the proportion of new models and large models far exceeds the past.

In 2020, facing the risk of the epidemic, members of our marketing center team will take active actions to develop markets and contact customers through various online and offline methods; the aftermarket service network has been further expanded and improved; overseas subsidiaries are operating well; the global market has been initially completed Major breakthroughs have been made in the layout and market development of major business districts, and many Key accounts  and strategic customers have received orders.

In 2020, our technical center team will conduct online and offline research on market information, tap customer needs, implement R&D project management, and standardize technical management systems and project management systems. A number of internal combustion and electric large-tonnage scrapers, large-tonnage mining trucks, and a number of underground service models have been trial-produced and put on the market one after another. In addition, in conjunction with relevant national policy guidelines, we continue to develop products toward automation, digitization, and intelligence, and cooperate with relevant universities, research institutes and state key laboratories to continuously deepen research, development and marketing of remote control technology for scrapers layout.

In 2020, we will continue to implement the "cost reduction and efficiency enhancement" project to improve the company's internal management in 2020, sort out new processes and standards, and improve the level of information management; with the "iron triangle" model of sales, product support and delivery Reshape the marketing management system; continue to introduce outstanding talents from domestic and foreign first-line enterprises in the construction of talent echelon, cultivate middle and high-level management echelon, cultivate versatile workers, cultivate product managers, problem solving experts and other outstanding talents.

In 2020, in terms of corporate governance, we will further straighten out the property rights relationship and form a modern corporate governance structure; each management level will implement "authorization and empowerment" to match powers and responsibilities, decentralize decision-making power, and increase organizational vitality; initially establish company internal control related The system and process lay a solid foundation for the later construction and improvement of the internal control system.

In 2020, although it cannot be said that the performance is very good. But we persisted from the difficulties time and time again, wading through the hurdles, steadily fighting and working step by step in the adversity, so that our profitability, operation ability, risk control ability have been improved, the performance has risen against the trend, and at the same time, it is truly refined Out of a tough team.

Everything in the past is a prologue. The road is long and long, I will search up and down.

In 2021, more opportunities and challenges are waiting for us: the mutated novel coronavirus is still overcast, the risks of international trade and conflicts are still there, the industrial and financial landscape is unpredictable, and the disorderly competition in the industry becomes more intense ...

2021 is the first year of the national "14th Five-Year Plan". China's economy is moving in the direction of high-quality development. Every industry is transforming from factor-driven to innovation-driven, to the upper reaches of the global value chain and rising up the quality ladder. The era of automation, digitalization and intelligence has arrived. In the post-epidemic era, countries have opened up a large domestic economic cycle and a domestic and international dual-cycle development model. We need to keep up with the pace of the times, grasp the national guidelines and policies, seize the opportunity to build the core driving force of the company's own development, and survive in the fierce market competition. Seek development.

In 2021, we will continue to standardize the corporate management system, further clarify the decision-making mechanism, empower and enhance the vitality of the organization; establish effective internal audit, audit, and review mechanisms to form a scientific internal control system.

In 2021, we will continue to deepen our stock market by strengthening value-added service models such as aftermarket services; at the same time, we will continue to develop through high-end equipment products that meet the diverse and personalized needs of customers and a business model that meets the diverse needs of customers New markets at home and abroad, forming a group of high-quality large customers and strategic customer groups;

In 2021, we will face customers to complete the transformation from product sales to overall solutions, from supply and marketing relationships to cooperation and intercommunication, and from a single point of industry transformation to industry ecological chain construction layout.

In 2021, we will continue to promote product diversification and improve the product chain; closely follow the national fourteenth five-year development plan. Adhere to high-quality development, focus on battery new energy technology, and promote the automation, digitalization and intelligent upgrading of product control systems. Layout ahead of time, seize opportunities, lead and promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry.

In 2021, we will continue to practice internal skills, improve the level of internal operation and management of the enterprise, and enhance the level of information construction. Ensure the efficient operation of the company's internal cash flow, material flow, and information flow. Improve the use efficiency of funds, inventory, equipment, and personnel, and effectively reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Fambition Heavy Machinery i s the community we rely on. She needs every one of us to pay. Everyone needs to contribute countless drops of "negative entropy" in order to maintain youth and vitality forever. Every trickle, every "entropy reduction", should not be difficult for a strong man, but should be the place of righteousness; it should not be unattainable, but should be reachable on tiptoes. We are together on the big ship of Fambition Heavy Machinery, we are in the same boat and we share honor and disgrace.

We will definitely work hard with a higher attitude and higher passion. Stand out in the fierce market competition and pursue excellence.

We will always maintain a sense of crisis, be awake at all times, and dare to ride the clouds and sail to the sea in the tide of the times.

We will be more united, and we will be more persistent in dreams, because we always firmly believe that: where there are mines on this earth, there will be high-end and efficient equipment from China Fambition! With the high-end and efficient equipment of China Fambition, there will be professional, high-quality and efficient Fambition services!

Finally, once again wish all partners around the world a happy new year!






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