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\"\" The Epidemic Warrior \"

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Upstream\"War Epidemic \"

In 2020, it is destined to be an extraordinary year. Most people in the country are threatened by the epidemic. When people are worried about the new crown epidemic, when most companies are worried about resumption of production, production and orders, Zhonghong Heavy Machinery's factory area is a busy scene, more than half a month since resumption of work Time, in the case of limited number of recovery workers, take two shifts to maximize the production capacity to meet customer delivery needs.

2020 is a crucial year for Zhonghong. An unexpected epidemic has made everyone unexpected. This is undoubtedly a severe test for us. Under the pressure of \"War Epidemic \", the company deployed on the eighth day of the first month to prepare for the resumption of work and related arrangements. Zhonghong Heavy Machinery Sales Department held a global video sales mobilization conference on February 3 to do global marketing work. Deployment arrangements.

Although most of the sales team of the team cannot go to the front line, according to the company's deployment, everyone conducts an orderly network office and maintains communication with customers as soon as possible; coordinating all resources within and outside the company for the first response to customer needs and demands, Provide solutions; at the same time make full use of this period of home isolation, strengthen online training and achieve self-improvement;

Adhering to the qualities of Zhonghong people who have always been pragmatic, stable, hard-working, and unyielding, they have gone against the trend and faced difficulties.In just over half a month of resumption of work in February, it has won dozens of domestic and foreign orders, and completed the delivery of a total of 11 scrapers and trucks to mining customers in Russia, Peru, Chile and China.

No one is born beautiful, but some people are born\"Inspirational \". By the time spring blooms, when other people are still busy restarting, the really patterned Zhonghong people have long since\"the light boat has passed the Ten Thousand Mountains\".

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