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The advantages of underground lhd loader

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The importance of underground LHD loaders in most mine operating systems is evident today. Operational and maintenance costs are one challenge, while high availability and reliability are another. Read on to find out more.


Here are the main points of the article:

What are underground LHD loaders?

Why use underground LHD loaders?

What are the advantages of the underground LHD loaders?


1. What are underground LHD loaders?

The underground LHD loader is used in most underground mines to load and transport ores/minerals. The underground LHD loader is typically between 8 and 15 meters in length, weighs between 20 and 75 tones and is powered by electricity and diesel. They typically operate at relatively low speeds of 20-30 km/h in normally hot, dusty, and humid environments. Their structure consists of two parts, connected by a connecting point, which gives them great flexibility in narrow mine tunnels. The purpose of using automatic underground LHD loaders in mines is mainly to improve production efficiency and personnel safety. With the automated system, operators can leave the mine and remotely control some underground LHD loaders, while improving productivity and safety.

 Underground lhd loader

2. Why use underground LHD loaders?

A key element of an automated underground LHD loader system is a planned maintenance process, as all corrective maintenance or unexpected failures rapidly deteriorate the production system and maintenance personnel cannot be notified at short notice if the operator is not on site. One challenge for manufacturers is to improve the engineering design of their machines and associated components (hydraulic systems, etc.) to make them more reliable and to make them easier to maintain. The need for an overall communications system and the need for new and higher capabilities and skills in operations and maintenance personnel are several factors that have made many mines reluctant to invest more in automated underground LHD loader systems.


3. What are the advantages of the underground LHD loaders?

Underground LHD loader is becoming more and more common due to the following advantages:

Zero emissions 这个是电铲的特点

No exhaust leads to better visibility and better working conditions这个是电铲的特点

Noise reduction, (electric vehicles are generally 85 decibels, diesel vehicles are 105 decibels)

Reduce vibration and heat, and provide better working conditions for employees

Electric motors operate at 38C, diesel motors at 98C and exhaust temperatures up to 540 C

Cost savings in ventilation, fuel, consumables, regulatory inspections and maintenance

This underground LHD loader has a lead time of 15-60 days, which is shorter than other companies. We can provide customized products, lead time 60-120 days.

The underground LHD loader has the advantages of compact structure, flexible operation, high working efficiency and low emission pollution.

Underground diesel loader uses high efficiency engine, high power, low pollution. The power transmission adopts hydraulic transmission.

This underground LHD loader shovel adopts wear resistant steel. Hence its endurance and beautiful appearance.


The underground LHD loader is suitable for caving method, empty field stoping method and chamber column method. This underground LHD loader often does some auxiliary work, such as road formation, transportation of materials, etc.







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