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The advantages of underground utility vehicle

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The term "underground utility vehicle" usually reminds people of everything from custom pickup trucks to barebones for professional mobile devices, which operate in the shadow of the larger and more complex production equipment they are designed to support. However, while utility vehicles continue to play traditional roles in the underground environment, they have achieved significant development, and their steadily improving capabilities now make it more difficult to accurately define what is "utility" or "production." More importantly, operator safety and ergonomic considerations have made reliability and durability the main design goals of product development, rather than afterthoughts. 

This passage is going to talk about the followings:

(1) Application range

(2) Advantages of our underground utility vehicle

(3) Conclusions


(1) Application range

There is no substitute for hard work. Rugged products can cope with harsh conditions and difficult tasks. Whether you are dragging heavy cargo to the job site, our multifunctional vehicle surface can let you complete all the work with confidence.

Underground utility vehicles 

(2) Advantages of our underground utility vehicle

According to your instructions, the driver's position can be formulated for you to adapt to your driving conditions.

A large number of roads are used: a large number of vehicles in our unit are suitable for use in mines, diversion tunnels, mining areas, muddy roads, mud roads and other roads.

Diesel engine: sufficient kinetic energy, selected alloy materials, small specifications, light weight and low noise. Depending on the power and function, different engines are used.

Smoke passing part: If the four-different vehicle you ordered is used for deep transportation in mining and metal mines, you can also install a smoke purification module to protect the airflow level of the driving road.

Transmission: The transmission used by our company is as simple as your gear shift and that of a car.

Driving speed: The driving speed is fast, allowing you to drive smoothly in the roadway.

Cylinder unloading: Every four-dimension vehicle in our unit is equipped with a cylinder unloading module, which is easy to understand and greatly increases work efficiency.

Directional assistance and turbocharged engines can be selected for high altitude plateau areas.

Carriage: Length, width and height can be customized according to customer needs.


(3) Conclusions

When transporting people and materials throughout the mine, safety is of the utmost importance. You also need high loads while maintaining low maintenance costs. Nowadays, the operating costs of most mining utility vehicles are very high, more time and money than your budget. A utility vehicle designed specifically to withstand the harsh underground mining environment, while providing a high-pound payload and a patented hydraulic wheel drive system, can provide you with the highest level of efficiency and minimize maintenance costs. Choosing us will make you far ahead.


We hope this article has helped you understand more about underground utility vehicle. If you are interested in underground utility vehicle, please contact us, we shall give you the best services. 

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