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The power of culture---Fambition Heavy Machinery's corporate culture series training

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In late September, when the "National Day" and "Mid-Autumn Festival" were approaching, Fambition Heavy Machinery Company organized various departments to conduct a series of corporate culture training activities. This training event is not only a continuation of the previous "sprint for the third quarter, 90 days of work" activities, and a full preparation for the forthcoming fourth quarter. The training takes the department as a unit, with the themes of "Fambition Enterprise Management Values", "Team Execution", and "Professional Quality Improvement". All departments are taught and discussed internally, and all employees actively participate.


The technical center’s training has made a good start for other departments. The technical center focuses on the promotion of responsibility literacy, combined with some professional deficiencies in daily work, and emphasizes the key points of professional literacy and the development of professional awareness, and will help the future Technical work puts forward higher requirements.


The quality department used the form of group discussion and question and answer to discuss the corporate philosophy and corporate behavior of f Fambiton Heavy Machinery, especially the quality concept of "ingenuity manufacturing, precision quality" for employees to share.


The marketing department and sales department are trained by Mr. Fu from the development history of Fambiton’s corporate philosophy. The business philosophy, values, corporate philosophy and corporate behavior of the company are not simple slogans. Every word of this is a few years. , Condensed from more than ten years of experience.


The human resources department's training focuses on explaining the characteristics, formation and development stages of the elite team. In the later stage, the human resources department will use this as a guideline to help each department build an elite team and improve team execution.


The production planning and storage and transportation departments conduct training on the theme of execution.

After-sales service department, logistics department, and information department conduct training on the theme of execution

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The Craft Department and Purchasing Department conduct training on the theme of corporate culture, meaning, and team collaboration.


Where there is a team, there is culture. Systems and processes can determine the bottom line of a team, and it is the team culture that really determines the upper limit of a team. Borrowing the words of Li Yunlong, the protagonist of the TV series "Bright Sword": "A unit with fine traditions often has the soil for cultivating heroes. The emergence of heroes or outstanding soldiers often appears in collective form rather than in individual form. The reason is very good. Simple, they are influenced by the same tradition and have developed the same character and temperament. Any army has its own tradition. What is the tradition? Tradition is a character and temperament. Regardless of the passage of time and the turnover of personnel, the soul of this army is always there!"

New markets and new patterns must match the new culture. Fambiton is a team with many excellent traditions. At the same time, we are a new team with a lot of fresh blood injected in the near future. We need to pass more and so on. Activities to complete our heritage and form our new team culture. Shopping malls are like battlefields. We need to form our team’s unique "bright sword" spirit, and the brave will win if we meet on a narrow road! The sword point, invincible!






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