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Today we go forward with a heavy load

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Today we move forward with weight--Tomorrow enjoy the spring flowers

This Spring Festival, we stayed at home and forgot to celebrate, leaving only silence.

Waiting quietly, silently thinking...

Some accidents cannot always prevent the advent. Now that we are here, we can only rely on ourselves!

The epidemic caught us off guard, and all work faced the risk of stagnation:

Exhibition prototype delivery

Domestic customer equipment delivery

Overseas Russian business district delivery

Overseas Spanish Business District Shipment


In just one month in February, with the new crown epidemic raging, we have a series of close matters that urgently need to be handled, and more than a dozen devices are waiting for delivery. This is undoubtedly a great test of the company's overall synergy, production capacity, and security capabilities.

The mission is on the shoulders of the current epidemic. Faced with the outbreak of the epidemic, the various departments of the company quickly linked up.

The R & D, quality, manufacturing and other departments are working hard to overcome all difficulties and ensure delivery on time:

Some non-local employees even returned to the green just after the Spring Festival. They were isolated and resumed in time;

If the non-local employee does not return, the local employee will be assigned first;

Not enough manpower, redeployed from other departments;

The task is overtime at night;

Some colleagues were accidentally injured, but because of the tight manpower, they still stick to the front line;


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At the same time, in order to ensure the smooth operation of production and product shipment, the technical center, quality, storage and transportation and other departments fully support the production operation.

Facing the same epidemic situation, in the case of insufficient personnel, technical support, quality inspection, and logistics delivery work are completed on time and with quality and quantity. In addition, employees are sent to support the front-line production site to alleviate the problem of insufficient manpower at the site.

Overtime and overtime within the company, the company's external sales staff and after-sales service personnel adhere to their posts, and use various methods to do a good job in docking and serving the market.

Affected by the epidemic, most domestic customers are in a state of shutdown or half-stop, and most employees in sales and after-sales cannot go to the front line.

According to the company's deployment, the sales staff can maintain communication with customers at any time by various methods, coordinate all the resources inside and outside the company for the first response, and provide solutions according to customer needs and demands.

After-sales service personnel all go to the workshop to support production, and where the impact of foreign epidemics is not obvious, our service engineers still strive to provide quality services to customers.

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Magang Luohe Iron MineThe LH514 six-cubic oil shovel overhaul project is a project started by Tianhong Technical Service Center in October 19th. During the epidemic, the Tianhong Technical Service Center resumed work in time to complete the overhaul and successfully departed on February 18.

Luohe River is located in the south of Anhui, away from the epidemic center——Wuhan is less than 400 kilometers away. It is a high-risk area and the conditions on the site are more difficult. On the premise of adequate protection, our three maintenance engineers went to Luohe for on-site assembly and commissioning.

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During the outbreak of the epidemic, the company's various work went smoothly, without the dedication and hard work of the front-line employees, the strong support of the relevant departments, and the strong guarantee of the logistics and epidemic prevention team.

Starting from the end of January, the company's senior management took the lead, and the anti-epidemic team mainly composed of the administrative center and financial center took active action, convening meetings, storing anti-epidemic materials, contacting relevant government departments, and formulating effective anti-epidemic measures.

Currently we have enough reservesAnti-epidemic materials used for more than 1 month;

Daily temperature check at the bus, company entrance, and patrol;

Daily regular disinfection;

Hygienic and safe dining order;


All of them reflect the hard work of our anti-epidemic team and the company's emphasis on the health of employees. The health of employees is the health of the company.

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When the tide is surging, no one is an island. In a special period, various departments take the initiative to break down the division of labor and boundaries between departments, take the initiative to take responsibility and take the initiative. Our team cohesion is stronger than ever. Although it is still too early to talk about the complete victory of anti-epidemic work and resumption of production, I believe that we have an unprecedented united team that will overcome all difficulties.

No winter will pass,

No spring will come

May spring come, the epidemic will go away, and the mountains and rivers are intact!

May the sentiment remain, spread quickly, you and I are well!

Today we move forward with weight,

Tomorrow we will enjoy the spring flowers!






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