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What are the characteristics of underground electric lhd loader?

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The use of underground ELECTRIC LHD loaders and delivery trucks has increased in recent years and is likely to continue to increase as the world moves away from fossil fuels.


Here are the main points of the article:

What are the disadvantages of the underground ELECTRIC LHD loaders?

What are the maintenance differences between electric underground ELECTRIC LHD loaders and diesel underground ELECTRIC LHD loaders?

What are the features of the underground ELECTRIC LHD loaders?


1. What are the disadvantages of the underground ELECTRIC LHD loaders?

One of the main disadvantages of the underground ELECTRIC LHD loaders is the high cost of capital. Cable control in the towing motor is another problem. These underground ELECTRIC LHD loaders may lack the versatility to perform all required activities, especially at distance tethered stations. In addition, cables towed behind the vehicle have the potential to block access to equipment. Extra care is needed to avoid damaging the cable. The following disadvantage is the need to pay attention to the underground ELECTRIC LHD loaders mechanism:

Additional capital costs

Reduces mobility, versatility, and limits travel distance

Increase cable and reel cost

Relocating power lines is difficult and time-consuming

Improper placement of the control box results in frequent movement

 underground ELECTRIC LHD loaders

2. What are the maintenance differences between electric underground LHD loaders and diesel underground LHD loaders?

Diesel underground LHD loader requires the following maintenance: refueling per shift, engine oil, air filter, emission check, exhaust temperature, engine radiator, air cooler charging, engine maintenance. Electric underground LHD loaders require only the following components for regular maintenance: cables, cable reels and electrical panels.


3. What are the features of the underground LHD loaders?

The underground LHD loader's hydraulic transmission system and engine are DANA, which gives full play to the motor efficiency. In addition, the system can automatically adapt to changes in loading capacity and speed.

The underground LHD loader adopts power shift gear box, which is convenient and flexible to operate.

The underground LHD loader is driven by the front and rear axles. The front axle is equipped with a slip differential, which has big ability to climb and big power. It was designed for all kinds of bad roads.

Underground LHD loader’s tires have smooth surface, bearing cutting characteristics, long service life.

The underground LHD loader has an articulated frame. Small turning radius. So, the machine is flexible.

Adopt full hydraulic steering gear, compact structure, stable conversion, easy maintenance.

The full hydraulic multi-disc brakes are wet brakes. In addition, the double circuit brake system is equipped with diesel underground mining forklift, which has the characteristics of simple structure, stable braking and maintenance free.

The application of double-pump confluent technology is beneficial to reduce the energy consumption of hydraulic system.

The waste gas of the underground LHD loader was treated by oxidation catalysis. This can greatly reduce the pollution of waste gas.

Manual valves control the steering of these underground LHD loaders.


The underground LHD loader is suitable for caving method, empty field method, chamber column method and so on. For more technical description of the underground LHD loaders, contact our technical workers.






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