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What are the characteristics of underground mining equipment?

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Underground mining equipment is mining equipment used underground. Underground mining is a technique of extracting ores and valuable minerals by digging into the ground.


Here are the main points of the article:

  • What is underground mining equipment used for?

  • What are the different types of underground mining equipment?

  • What are the features of underground mining equipment?


1. What is underground mining equipment used for?

Underground LHD scooptram loaders FL10 Underground LHD scooptram loaders FL10

Underground mining equipment is used for underground mining. Mining has changed a lot since the 19th century, when canaries were shoveled around to make sure the underground air was not toxic. Modern mines are characterized by extensive ventilation and drainage systems, high-tech communications networks, and increasing numbers of computerized machines that reduce the number of personnel required underground. All underground mines have some key components in common: ventilation shafts used to remove toxic gases from drilling and blasting; escape route; access to shafts to lower workers and equipment; ore - transport tunnel; recovery wells, which carry mined ore to the surface; and a communication system that transmits information back and forth between the surface and the depths. 


2. What are the different types of underground mining equipment?

Mining industry uses a few heavy underground mining equipment to explore and develop underground mining sites. The underground mining equipment can be used for stripping and storing overburden rock, crushing and stripping rock, ore processing and reclamation after mine closure. Drilling RIGS, longwall plate shears, towing cables, forklifts, bulldozers, graders and wheeled bulldozers are implemented at the beginning of underground mine construction. In the room and pillar operations, underground mining equipment include continuous shears, breakers, transport systems, roof bolts and multi-purpose vehicles.


3. What are the features of underground mining equipment?

As a new compact and lightweight 3-ton capacity load dump (LHD) for narrow-vein mining, the optimal payload to its weight ratio is in its category. In the stricture vein operation, it not only can reduce the dilution, but also has the better flexibility and the operation safety. This underground mining equipment has a wealth of functions that can help mines maximize production and reduce mining costs. It is designed to optimize machine width, length and turning radius, making it possible to operate tunnels between 2.0-2.5m wide. 

The customizable narrow-gauge underground mining equipment shares the same quality components, standards, and safety features as the low-altitude line, providing industry leading performance for tunnel and mining customers. 

Stop using other underground mining equipment to measure your headlines. Improper use of underground mining equipment wastes your time and money because they are not designed to withstand the risks associated with scaling. Using a dedicated mechanized underground mining equipment will keep your other mining equipment in shape with less downtime and maintenance due to overuse. 


Because this underground mining equipment often operate deep underground, they minimize maintenance requirements, reduce costly downtime, and ensure the safety of operators working in harsh environments. The global service network is also a decisive factor in ensuring that customers get the help they need when they have maintenance problems.






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