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What are the precautions for underground lhd loader?

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In an underground metal mine, the cross section of a tunnel roadway can be enlarged compared with that of a coal mine. Therefore, underground LHD loaders can be easily used in underground metal mines ore transport.


Here are the main points of the article:

What are the advantages of the underground LHD loaders?

What are the tips for the underground LHD loaders’ maintenance and repair?

How do you reduce risks when using the underground LHD loaders?


1. What are the advantages of the underground LHD loaders?

The underground LHD loader is an electric LHD with zero emission and low noise designed to meet the demand of narrow vein mining. High breaking power, high trampling speed and unique drum filling enable you to move more and faster. The underground LHD loader is durable, fast and easy service and maintenance so as to optimize running time.

The lead time of this underground LHD loader is 15-60 days, shorter than that of other companies. We can provide customized products, lead time 60-120 days.

Overseas customers will enjoy 24/7 after-sales service and delivery service. There is also storage in that area, providing convenient services.

The underground LHD loader has the advantages of compact structure, flexible operation, high working efficiency and low emission pollution.

The underground LHD loader uses an engine with high power and low pollution. The power transmission is hydraulic.

The underground LHD loader shovel is made of wear resistant steel. Hence its endurance and beautiful appearance.

 underground LHD loaders

2. What are the tips for the underground LHD loaders‘maintenance and repair?

The underground LHD loader is specially designed for narrow roadway. The underground LHD loader has stable performance and convenient operation.

In order to extend the service life of underground LHD loader, please refer to the part atlas when purchasing underground LHD loader parts.

Please refer to the Manual for the maintenance and maintenance of underground LHD loaders to extend their service life.

The parts are delivered with the mainframe.


3. How do you reduce risks when using the underground LHD loaders?

Based on the number of deaths per year, one continuing area of concern in the area of mine safety continues to be equipment-related. Here are some things to consider when reevaluating a safety plan using underground LHD loaders.

Lighting: For general tunnel operations, a minimum lighting intensity requirement is 5 ft candles, but 10 ft candles must be provided for drilling, dredging and scaling. Check all lights regularly.

Hazard identification: Check all identifiers to make sure they are highly visible and readable.

Fall-proof: Although underground mines are usually not a major problem, mountain mines or high-altitude gold mines sometimes need to work at different heights, requiring ladders and scaffolding. In this case, make sure you have proper seat belts and other safety precautions to prevent falls.


The underground LHD loader we produce is designed for high production, low cost per ton working and trimming in underground mining applications. It has compact design, flexible performance, rugged construction and simplified maintenance ensure superior productivity, long life and low operating costs. The underground LHD loader’s excellent performance, comfortable design and durable usage shall surely meet your needs.







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