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What are the types of underground dump truck?

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Dump truck is a vehicle used on construction sites to transport construction materials between construction sites. Old semi-trucks can be separated manually, and new dump trucks can now be used, which can be operated easily by hydraulic mechanisms.

There are many different types of dump trucks, this article will introduce some common types of underground dump trucks.

This passage is going to talk about the following types of Underground dump truck: 

Articulated underground dump trucks

Site dumper and front-end dumper

Rigid rear underground dump truck

Crawler-type underground dump truck

Underground dump trucks

Railway underground dump truck


Articulated underground dump trucks:

Articulated underground dump trucks (articulated between the cab and the dump truck) are widely produced in civil and mining industries. Articulated dump trucks are large and heavy dump trucks used for off-road bulk cargo transportation on rough terrain.


Site dumper and front-end dumper:

If your project requires a more compact product, it is best to use a site top dumper or front-end dumper. Since the driver is protected by rolling rods at the rear of the machine, these trucks can carry loads of 1 to 10 tons while being safe and robust in a limited work area.

underground dump trucks 

Rigid rear underground dump truck:

The rigid rear dump truck is the most popular type of dump truck rental. It is a rigid rear dump truck, which is very suitable for tandem mining with hydraulic excavators. These machines can only be found in mining and quarrying, and they are indeed huge.


Crawler-type underground dump truck:

The rough, flat, steep or soft terrain and dense entrance area of the dump truck mounted on the crawler are the main obstacles for most rubber fatigue haulers. This is the crawler dump truck (also called crawler dump truck and crawler transporter) to be installed.


Underground dump trucks:

Underground dump trucks are designed to increase production in underground mining applications, reduce transportation costs per ton, and carry payloads of 30 to 55 tons and above. Underground dump trucks can be used for hard rock and soft rock underground mining and tunnel construction.


Railway underground dump truck:

The railway dump truck is used for railway construction and maintenance, including the transportation of ballast (gravel) along the railway. The high-rail dump truck is equipped with track wheels and can travel on and off the track.


The safety of dump trucks is very important and is related to the main health and safety of the underground mining industry.

We hope this article has helped you understand more about Underground dump truck. If you have any problem about Underground dump trucks, do not hesitate to contact us.  






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