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What is underground LHD loader?

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Underground LHD loaders are similar to traditional front-end loaders, but developed for the most difficult hard rock mining applications, taking into account the overall production economy, safety and reliability. They are very sturdy, highly mobile and extremely productive.


Here are the main points of the article:

What are underground LHD loaders?

What are the types of drivers for underground LHD loaders?

What are the features of the underground LHD loaders?


1. What are underground LHD loaders?

The underground LHD loader features powerful prime mover, advanced drivetrain technology, heavy-duty planetary axle, four-wheel drive, articulated steering and ergonomic controls. Their narrow, long, and low profiles make them best suited for underground applications with limited height and width. Since the length of the tunnel is not limited, a reducer with sufficient length is designed. Length improvement axis redistribution and bucket capability can be improved. The two-part structure with central clarity facilitates tracking and maneuverability. In mining, moving heavy equipment is limited. In some cases, the underground LHD loader must be removed through a vertical shaft. The underground LHD loaders can be used with a remote control. These are important for removing unprotected material from the top of the stope. Loose silt may fall from the top. The underground LHD loader, equipped with remote transport equipment, can process 8,000 tons of ore per day.

 Underground lhd loader

2. What are the types of drivers for underground LHD loaders?

The underground LHD loader comes in both diesel and electric versions. The diesel version is easy to transport from one location to another and the diesel engine drives 75 to 150 horsepower or more as power. The engine is either water-cooled or air-cooled. The underground LHD loader uses an electric motor as a driver and typically has a capacity of 75 to 150 horsepower. These operate at a medium pressure of 380 to 550 1000 volts. The flexible cable is provided with rewind/rewind device to provide power. These drivers operate hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors further operate various sport buckets and vehicle traction/steering. The speed of the vehicle is controlled mechanically. The transmission is controlled by a hydraulic transmission. In hydrostatic transmission, the motor drives the variable displacement pump connected to the hydraulic motor hydraulically, driving the wheel shaft through the gearbox. By changing the axial flow pump displacement to control the speed. The power transmission system consists of a closed-loop hydraulic transmission system, parking brake, two-stage gearbox and drive line.


3. What are the features of the underground LHD loaders?

The characteristics that brought the success to the underground LHD loader include:

The compact size is optimal for use - even in extremely narrow places.

The bucket has a capacity of 5.9 cubic yards.

High breaking force and tipping load.

The cab is located at the front frame of the vehicle and is equipped with ROPS/FOPS shelters certificate.

Can adapt to customer requirements.


We provide a wide range of underground LHD loaders for hard rock mining applications. The company's underground LHD loaders include the latest technologies in intelligent, connected and digital solutions, as well as powerful, capable loaders that meet demanding conditions. All underground LHD loaders are designed to improve safety, productivity and profitability.






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