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Work hard, Ensure timely delivery, Sprint for the fourth quarter!

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2020 is coming to an end. The company’s "Sprint for the third quarter" and other activities have achieved good results. A large number of customers are gradually forming orders and receiving payments. Therefore, the fourth quarter until the Spring Festival of 2021 has become a critical moment for intensive start-up and revenue retention. Our supply chain system and manufacturing system have begun to bear the greatest pressure since this year.

Due to the nature of our industry, production scheduling is basically a single-order production. The procurement cycle of many long-term parts is even longer than the order delivery date. Coupled with design changes caused by customer needs, production scheduling, procurement, assembly, and quality Inspection and test drive brought a lot of problems. Numerous restrictions doomed us to spend more energy, time, and capital to make up for various deficiencies. This stage is the threshold that we must pass from a trading enterprise to a manufacturing enterprise. To this end, all departments of our production center held an oath meeting on the first day after the National Day. All the staff of the production center cooperated to ensure production and start-up to ensure the completion of the fourth quarter production tasks.

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November 4, 2020 is the day when our 30-ton trucks are delivered. In order to ensure a smooth start, the production center, under the leadership of the department leaders, the maintenance team, electrical team and other assistants will work overtime at night to carry out final maintenance and work It was early in the morning when the matter ended. On the morning of the 4th, the vehicle was delivered on time, and the company's general manager Su also mobilized for a meeting. President Su emphasized that manufacturing is an important value-added link in the company's value chain and a key link in the company's operation and management. He hopes that everyone "acts quickly", with a high sense of responsibility and a solid work style, to overcome difficulties, as a guarantee" In the fourth quarter of the decisive battle, to achieve the goal of sprinting 60 million", sprint to the full.

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"Precise workmanship" is always our goal of R&D, production, and quality pursuit. Excellent products are not only designed, not only manufactured, nor only tested. It is knowledge or experience under the coordination of multiple departments. The crystallization. We may have to experience more of these moments on our road to the transformation of an excellent manufacturing enterprise or even a creative enterprise. This is not only a test for our team, but also an exercise for us. Good companies are not born good, just because they have crossed more barriers than others.

Here, we once again propose that the company is a whole, and which link is missing may be decisive. It is hoped that not only the production department, but also other departments should be quickly linked together. The docking of customer needs, feedback of customer problems, timeliness of payment, timely accuracy of design, financial support, human support, logistics support, and safety management are all It determines the completion of our tasks in the fourth quarter and also determines how far we can go in the future. We not only want to grab orders, but also make quality products, build a good brand, and create a first-class team. Pressure makes us more united. I hope that we can all take this as the goal, less arguing, more coordination; less prevarication, more responsibility. It is believed that after the fourth quarter, our production management, quality management and management level of other departments can reach a new level.






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