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Working principle of underground dump trucks

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The structure of the dump truck's engine, chassis and cab are the same as ordinary trucks.

The high-pressure oil passes through the distribution valve and the oil pipe enters the lifting hydraulic cylinder. There is a cab safety guard plate at the front of the car.

The engine drives the hydraulic pump through the transmission and the power unit. The hydraulic tilt mechanism of the carriage is composed of a fuel tank, a hydraulic pump, a distribution valve, a lifting hydraulic cylinder, a control valve and an oil pipe.

The engine drives the hydraulic pump through the gearbox and the power unit, and drives the high-pressure oil through the distribution valve, enters the lifting hydraulic cylinder through the oil pipe, and pushes the piston rod to tilt the car. After the more common tilt, the movement of the piston rod is controlled by the steering system, and the car can be stopped at any desired tilt position. The bracket is reset by its own gravity and hydraulic control.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of underground dump trucks

1. How does the underground dump trucks work?

2. Operating procedures for dump truck

3. Dump trucks descriptions


(1) How does the underground dump trucks work?

Underground dump trucks are usually filled with soil, sand or minerals by another machine, then transported and dumped at a designated location. Therefore, the main feature of the underground dump trucks is the hydraulically driven dump box, which allows the operator to lift and unload cargo. In layman's terms, when using a hydraulic lifting system to lift the unloading box, it needs to be emptied.

underground dump trucks

(2) Operating procedures for dump truck

1. Suddenly raise the handle to the "down position" when there is no full load.

If this operation is wrong, the car will suddenly fall off, which will have a great impact on the frame, or even an accident. Therefore, the above operations should be avoided as much as possible, and if there are special circumstances, you must also operate carefully, slow down the landing speed as much as possible, and must not suddenly reach the rear of the vehicle.


2. Don't use the car emergency brake to unload.

Due to the large inertia of the car (usually several times the rated lift), it is very easy to cause permanent deformation of the frame and frame, open the frame for welding, burn the oil pump or damage the sealing ring, damage the hydraulic cylinder and other damage , The service life of the vehicle is shortened, and even a rollover accident may occur in severe cases. Therefore, it is prohibited to lift ordinary dump trucks while driving.


3. Due to unloading, the goods must be unloaded from the power unit before driving.

In the case of this kind of operation error, since the unloading truck is in the “engagement” position as the power pick-up during driving, the oil pump can be lifted in a “small cycle” state for a long time and at high speed under no-load operation for a long time. Rise. As a result, the temperature of the hydraulic oil rises rapidly, which can easily damage the oil pump seals, and even cause the oil pump to "burn out." What's more serious is that the operation of the oil pump means that the hydraulic system has a power source, and it is prone to accidents of automatic car lifting during driving.


4. When driving, the power pickup is not in the "connected" position.

If it is in the "connected" state (red light), the oil pump will continue to rotate and the hydraulic system has a power source, which will be automatically lifted due to the incorrect operation of the air control valve; at this time, the gas control valve will continue to rotate ”Position, the oil will also enter the pump, which will burn the oil.


(3) Dump trucks descriptions

The standard dump truck is built on a truck frame, which is equipped with an open box bed raised by a hydraulic pump. The wheelbase of the standard dump trucks is very short, so it is easy to handle. Semi-dump truck is similar to tractors that use hydraulic hoists. These trucks have large capacity and can unload quickly.


The safety of dump truck is very important and is related to the main health and safety of the underground mining industry. We hope this article has helped you understand more about underground dump trucks and working principles. If you have any problem about underground dump truck, do not hesitate to contact us.

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