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Working principle of underground lhd loader.

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The use of underground LHD loaders in underground metal mines is a promising approach to overcoming some of the challenges currently facing mining companies.


Here are the main points of the article:

Why do we use underground LHD loaders?

What are the advantages of the underground LHD loaders?

How is the development of the underground LHD loaders?


1. Why do we use underground LHD loaders?

They have several potential benefits over manually operated devices, mainly in terms of worker safety and health, but also in terms of greater accessibility, increased productivity and reduced mining costs. However, making the most of these systems is a challenging and complex task. The underground LHD loader’s main components adopt international famous brands, vehicle control system uses CAN bus communication technology, suction electronic technician, electro-hydraulic proportional pilot control and variable hydraulic system. The control system based on CAN bus is designed. The on-board display screen can display the operating parameters of the scraper in real time, and has the functions of fault alarm and self-diagnosis. The design and manufacture of underground LHD loader have reached the advanced level of the industry, with high production capacity, low failure rate and low use cost.

 Underground lhd loader

2. What are the advantages of the underground LHD loaders?

Cleaner, cooler mines

Eliminating diesel emissions means cleaner and cooler air in mines, which improves worker satisfaction and productivity, and reducing the cost of ventilation.电铲优点

Lower operational costs

Zero emissions in a mine means minimizing the need for underground ventilation. In the long run, reduced ventilation costs will equal a huge return on your investment. 电铲优点

More mobile and flexible

Underground LHD loaders are more efficient when loading harvesters because they do not require electrical wiring and have greater flexibility and flexibility than electric loaders.

The transmission of power transfer.

Smooth cutting-resistant tires.

Working device with high height and long unloading distance.

Complete hydraulic steering.


3. How is the development of the underground LHD loaders?

We are leading a revolution in sustainable mining through batteries, electricity and zero-emission equipment. The result is a safer and better downhole constructing environment. This contributes to a higher efficiency and a smaller effect on the environment. It's a force that changes everything. Battery-powered underground LHD loaders bring cleaner air, less noise and less heat. These are just some of the benefits of using batteries instead of diesel. Add lower running costs to the equation for the electric loader to make it more interesting. Even in the harshest underground environments, drivers enjoy a quiet, ergonomically designed cabin that is easy and safe to reach all service points. All of these can improve operator health and work environment satisfaction. Battery design with a focus on productivity and performance. High energy density batteries can be easily switched continuously. Increase your productivity and take a big step toward a more sustainable business.

Compared with the benchmark number of diesel-powered underground LHD loader, the battery-powered underground LHD loader reduces the total energy cost by more than ten times; The amount of heat produced was reduced by nearly eight times; The noise at the operator's ear is significantly reduced; Instant torque available from electric motors; The lack of a conventional diesel engine radiator fan reduces dust levels; and reduce tire wear.


We used the experience gained from proof-of-concept tests to develop the underground LHD loaders as safe and efficient systems in mines.







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