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Zhonghong Heavy Machinery and Northeastern University Deep Mining Laboratory Exchange Conference Held

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Zhonghong Heavy Machinery and Northeastern University Deep Mining Laboratory Exchange Conference Held

Zhonghong Heavy Machinery and Northeastern UniversitySince the establishment of industry-university-research cooperation in 2019, the two sides have actively connected to explore cooperation needs and directions. Under the coordination of Northeastern University Alumni Association, Director Li He of Northeastern University's Foreign Liaison Office and the company's human resources department, the school-enterprise cooperation has made some progress. The two parties organized the heavy mining company and Northeastern University in deep mining focus Laboratory substantive cooperation and exchange meeting.


During the epidemic, the meeting was conducted in the form of multi-party video. This meeting invited Professor Sun Lei, Vice President of Northeastern University; Professor Feng Xiating, Vice President of Northeastern University and Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering; Professor Wang Qiang, President of Northeastern University Institute of Science and Technology; Professor Li Yuanhui, Deputy Director of the Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education; Mr. Li He, Director of the Outreach Department of Northeastern University, and other staff members participated. The heavy machinery companies attended the meeting were Ms. Su Shan, general manager of Zhonghong Heavy Machinery Company, Mr. Fu Hongling, executive vice president, Mr. Qi Jifu, chief engineer, Mr. Ma Shenghui, vice president of sales, Mr. Liu Enguang, chief financial officer, Mr. Li Guang, manpower director, manager of marketing department Mr. Xiu Haijie.


This meeting was chaired by Director Li He. Vice President Sun Lei addressed this meeting, affirming the willingness and efforts of both parties to seek cooperation during this time. I am very pleased to see that the cooperation has entered a substantial stage. Zhonghong Heavy Machinery and Northeastern University Deep Mining Laboratory have contacted and sincerely hope that both parties The cooperation can achieve good results, and sincerely invites the General Manager Su to lead the team to Northeastern University for a field visit to further discuss cooperation matters.

Since then, General Manager Su, General Manager Fu, and General Manager Qi have made detailed introductions on the overall situation of the company, the company's product series, the company's research and development strategy, the pain points in the company's research and development, and the cooperation needs. Expect technical support in the development of unmanned control systems. In addition, I hope that both parties will work hard to build together in production, research and research bases, key laboratories, and doctoral mobile stations. The talent echelon, research strategy, and research and development achievements of Dongda Deep Mining Laboratory were introduced one by one. In addition, Professor Wang Qiang, Dean of the Institute of Science and Technology of Northeastern University, added that Professor Wang Qiang pointed out that in addition to deep mining, Dongda University has considerable strength in manufacturing design, control, electrical, automation, etc. In addition to deep mining in cooperation in the future The two sides can discuss cooperation in other majors. Dongda University hopes to actively participate and develop related professional topics together.


Finally, Vice President Feng Xiating of Northeastern University made a concluding speech. President Feng affirmed the effectiveness of this meeting. The two sides took the first step on the road of substantive cooperation, hoping to establish more in each department and laboratory of Dongda University in the later period. Extensive cooperation, at the same time, President Feng once again cordially invited President Su to lead the team to visit Northeastern University.

This meeting injected a stimulant into the company's development during the epidemic. R & D is the soul of an enterprise. R & D in the Internet era is different from the past. In the past, it was more about making cars behind closed doors. In the new era, we have to go out, grasp market demand, grasp the development trend of technology, integrate high-quality resources and play\"Creator \" spirit, what we want to create is not just products, we want to create is a platform, technology and enterprise, technology and power!

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