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Zhonghong Heavy Machinery successfully signed ten million orders

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Good news▎Zhonghong Heavy Machinery successfully signed 10 million orders

As the whole nation is united and fighting the epidemic together, all walks of life across the country, including the foreign trade economy, are in urgent need of boost. Zhonghong Heavy Machinery's epidemic prevention and management are both in hand. Beginning of the yearThe CIS business district has won 10 million orders, now it has defeated many domestic and foreign competitors, and won 10 million orders, and then the next city!

The epidemic situation is ahead, the mission is in the body, and the Zhonghong people are expanding their territory and constantly moving forward;

Every corner of the company, every department, you can feel the driving force of Zhonghong people;

Research and development, technology, planning, production, purchasing, quality, manpower, finance, administration, market, you can see the cute Zhonghong people working overtime and working;

Internal staff break the department wall, take the initiative to take responsibility, work together, and respond as soon as possible;

Sales personnel make full use of the company's resources to maintain communication with front-line customers, provide solutions, and ultimately gain customer trust.

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Those who work hard will always be treated with tenderness by God. It is the spirit of Zhonghong who refuses to lose that they can achieve victory; positive people will see opportunities in every sorrow, and negative people will be in every opportunity. Seeing the worries; Zhonghong people are those who are not afraid, flinching, united, working hard, seeing opportunities and seeing the dawn of hope in the epidemic.

Greatness is great because when he is in adversity with others, others lose their confidence, and he is determined to achieve his goals.The reason why FAMBITION is FAMBITION is because the founder is determined to lead the team to realize the dream of Zhonghong in everyone's heart! If you want to fly, work hard to catch up; if you want to succeed, work hard! May the people of Zhonghong take dreams as horses and go all over the world!






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