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Zhonghong Heavy Machinery was awarded the top ten import and export enterprises in Laixi City in 2023

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On January 18, 2024, Laixi City successfully held a Spring Festival Tea Party for Foreign-Invested Enterprises, inviting more than 40 companies to gather together to discuss friendship, discuss development, and welcome the New Year together.Municipal Party Committee Secretary Zhou Ke attended the event and delivered a speech. Municipal leaders Chen Yong, Zhan Hongxian, Zhou Cai, Gui Xiaofeng, Xu Jinsheng and Jia Tao also attended the event.


Secretary Zhou Ke said in his speech that Laixi insists on taking openness as the only way to achieve high-quality development, continues to deepen foreign cooperation, and carries out a series of targeted investment promotion activities for Europe, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Macao, and the actual amount of foreign investment has steadily increased in quality, and the manufacturing industry has utilized foreign investment. The proportion has reached a record high, driving the city's development trend to be stable and improving, and the quality of development has been steadily improved.Laixi is making great strides towards a high-quality 'open road' with prosperous industrial momentum, a high-quality 'open road' with convenient and efficient services, and a high-quality 'open road' that is suitable for living, working and traveling. Focusing closely on the '6+1' modern industrial system, we will speed up the construction of new highlands for advanced manufacturing and vigorously cultivate a service brand of 'Safe Investment, Safe Entrepreneurship, Safe Development, and Comfortable Life'.I hope that all entrepreneurs will continue to take root in Laixi, integrate into Laixi, bring more advanced concepts, cutting-edge technologies and high-quality projects to Laixi, and work together to create a bright future of win-win cooperation.


Jia Tao, deputy mayor of the municipal government, announced the top ten foreign trade import and export enterprises and the top ten tax revenue contribution enterprises in Laixi City in 2023 to commend the enterprises for their outstanding contributions in the field of Laixi City's opening up to the outside world in 2023 and promote Laixi City. The city’s high-quality development achieved new breakthroughs.

Zhonghong Heavy Machinery won the honor of one of the top ten foreign trade import and export enterprises in Laixi City in 2023. This honor is not only an affirmation of Zhonghong Heavy Machinery, but also the government’s encouragement for the company’s contribution to the field of international trade, fully demonstrating China’s Hong Heavy Machinery’s brand influence in the international market.

Winning the top ten import and export enterprises of the year is not only an affirmation of our past, but also an expectation for our future.Facing the new journey in 2024, Zhonghong Heavy Machinery will further optimize its business structure, improve product quality, expand market space, continue to maintain stable growth in import and export business, and meet new challenges with continuous innovation.






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