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Concentrate your efforts to make a good start and write a new chapter with 'recovery'

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On February 19, the first day of work after the holiday, the manufacturing department of Zhonghong Heavy Machinery Production Center sounded the clarion call for the Year of the Dragon and organized a post-holiday resumption activity.The leaders of the production center, Vice President Wang Yijie and General Assistant Zhu Chunjie, participated in this event at the Laixi and Chengyang plants respectively.The activities are mainly divided into two parts: 1. The first lesson on resumption of work safety.2. Evaluation of teams and individuals with the best return to work status.The purpose of the activity requires all employees to quickly adjust their status, quickly enter the working state with full enthusiasm and practical style, resume work and production in a safe and orderly manner, and strive to achieve a good start in the annual work.At the same time, it also aims to establish a work within the manufacturing department through learning while doing, practicing while doing, finding deficiencies and gaps during practice, and formulating measures to promote comparison, learning, catching up, helping, and surpassing. Atmosphere.


General Manager Susan was invited to participate in this event and fully affirmed the significance of the event. She also affirmed the production center's work achievements in 2023 and put forward expectations and requirements for the production center's work in 24 years. The production center is required to complete various production tasks and key indicators with high quality and quantity during the 24 years of work, and make efforts to achieve the company's 24-year operating indicators.Relevant leaders of the production center and all employees of the manufacturing department adopt the policy of 'Starting from now on, starting from ourselves, strictly focusing on product quality, improving work efficiency, ensuring operating safety, and working hard to achieve the company's 24-year operating indicators.' The oath was taken in response to the call and work arrangements of the company leaders.24






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