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Service Details

After sales service standard

Warranty scheme: our company provides free maintenance (except for human reasons) for quality problems within 12 months after delivery of the equipment or 2000 hours of engine operation (whichever comes first).

2471 rest assured project: 24-hour service hotline support, providing technical consultation on use, operation and maintenance; service personnel arrive at the site within 7 hours after receiving complaints about equipment quality problems; problem equipment resumes production within 1 day of maintenance.

421 housekeeper action: provide 4 times of regular equipment inspection and maintenance services during the warranty period (see the follow-up plan for regular maintenance of equipment of Qingdao Zhonghong Mining Technology Co., Ltd. for specific regular inspection contents); provide 2 times of equipment technical operation and maintenance training services; issue a formal inspection report after each regular inspection so that the user can have the most comprehensive understanding of the equipment.

Spare parts consignment

Our company's stock of spare parts with a standing value of 80 million can provide customers with the spare parts supply with the most price advantage and the shortest delivery period, and reduce the equipment downtime caused by the replacement of vulnerable parts and consumable parts.







    Located at Laixi Economic Development Zone of Qingdao City, FAMBITION is a well known and specialised mining trackless equipment manufacturer.


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