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Hongxin cares and walks with you!

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Every customer hopes that the products they purchase can receive the best care. Zhonghong Heavy Machinery Aftermarket Center, as a professional underground trackless equipment after-sales service team, is committed to providing customers with all-round, high-quality delivery and maintenance , parts supply, remanufacturing, maintenance contracting and other various after-market services.

1. Professional team, exquisite skills

The aftermarket team consists of a group of experienced and skilled professionals.Not only do they have extensive repair experience, they also constantly learn and master the latest industry technologies to ensure the highest level of service for every customer.

2. Attentive service and meticulous service

We understand that every customer's needs are unique, so we provide personalized service solutions to meet your different needs.Whether it is routine maintenance or sudden failure, we will provide you with the most timely and professional solutions.

3. Quick response, worry-free solution

We promise that after receiving your service request, we will arrange for professionals to contact you as soon as possible and provide you with a solution.Our goal is to give you the ultimate experience of caring and make your equipment run more efficiently.

4. High-quality accessories, quality assurance

We have established long-term cooperative relationships with first-class suppliers in the industry to ensure that the accessories used are high-quality and original.We strictly control the quality of accessories to ensure we provide the best aftermarket services for your equipment.

5. Customer first, satisfaction first

We always put customer needs and satisfaction first, constantly improve and improve the quality of after-market services, and strive to become your most trustworthy partner.Your satisfaction is our motivation to move forward!

Aftermarket business - Hongxin Care uses professionalism to ensure the operating efficiency of your equipment, and always practices the service concept of Zhonghong Heavy Machinery to provide high-quality, efficient and value-for-money services to work with you to protect mining production.







    Located at Laixi Economic Development Zone of Qingdao City, FAMBITION is a well known and specialised mining trackless equipment manufacturer.


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