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How to maintain underground LHD loaders?

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Underground LHD loaders are designed to transport rock materials safely, efficiently, and reliably in extreme conditions. These underground LHD loaders are rugged, compact, and powerful. The latest smart range of underground LHD loaders includes built-in intelligence and intelligent solutions. Next, I'll go into more detail about it.

Underground LHD loaders

Here is the content list:

●What are the advantages of underground LHD loaders?

●How to extend the life of underground LHD loaders?

●How are underground LHD loaders maintained and repaired?

What are the advantages of underground LHD loaders?

Underground LHD loaders offer high safety, productivity and reliability even in demanding applications. These devices are rugged, compact, and powerful, and despite their compact size, underground LHD loaders offer a very high load and therefore cost less per ton. In addition, the new underground LHD loaders are smart ethnos and offer a wide range of digital and connectivity solutions. These underground LHD loaders offer superior maneuverability and productivity.

How to extend the life of underground LHD loaders?

The high loss rate of underground LHD loaders is the consensus, usually, the use cycle is about 3-5 years, and underground LHD loader replacement costs are high, to make the vehicle use longer, you can use the following methods: 1, Driving at a maximum speed of 3/4; 2, Self-installed underground LHD loaders; 3, Do a good job of daily inspection and maintenance. 4, Before the departure of the underground LHD loader inspection, but also to travel safely necessary guarantee.

How are underground LHD loaders maintained and repaired?

1, Avoid oil only add no change oil: the use of diesel engines is essential, mainly play lubrication, cooling, cleaning, and other functions. Under normal circumstances, the loss of oil is not large, but it is easy to pollute, thus losing the role of protecting diesel engines. 2, Avoid the use of butter scribbling: do not apply butter when installing cylinder pads in underground LHD loaders. 3, Do not avoid piston open fire heating: when the piston pins are installed in an underground LHD loader, the pistons can be heated evenly in hot oil to make them expand slowly, and the cut is not available for direct heating of open flames. 4, Do not use the sand cloth to polish shaft tile: sand grains are easily embedded in the alloy during grinding, and diesel engines can accelerate the wear of shaft necks and shorten the life of underground LHD loaders. 5, Do not bolt too tight: underground LHD loader construction machinery in the process of disassembly, many parts of the bolts are required for torque, must not be changed at will. 6, Do not worry about tire pressure is too high: too much or too low tire pressure can affect its service life, but also not conducive to safe driving. 7, Do not want to open the water tank pot suddenly add cold water: once the water tank is found to be open, emergency measures should be taken to stop the operation, so that the diesel engine cooling water self-cooling.

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