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How to safely use underground LHD loaders?

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Underground LHD loaders are tools used to mine stones directly. It drills out the eye of the rock to blow up the rock and complete the mining of stone or other stonework. In addition, underground LHD loaders can be converted into destroyers to break hard layers such as concrete. This article briefly introduces the knowledge of underground LHD loaders.

Underground LHD loaders2

Here is the content list:

●What are the main structures of underground LHD loaders?

●How to use an underground LHD loader?

What are the main structures of underground LHD loaders?

The underground LHD loader mainly consists of cylinders - piston components, gas distribution devices, steel brazing swing mechanism, operating valves, and flushing - hair drying mechanisms. underground LHD loaders in operation with human support, called hand-held rock drills, there is the use of pneumatic legs, called gas legs rock drills, there is the use of pneumatic column frame rail, called column rail drills, there are also in a frame equipped with one to several rock drills, called underground LHD loader.

How to use an underground LHD loader?

1, When the underground LHD loader is used, the requirements of the rock drill inlet compressed air dry, wind pressure should be maintained 500kPa, the minimum should not be less than 400kPa. 2, The new underground LHD loader to be activated to carry out cleaning and reloading, after reloading to drive an empty car, check whether the operation is normal. However, the empty car time can not exceed 2 to 3min. The time is too long, the temperature of the cylinder cushion area is too high, easy to produce the phenomenon of the cylinder. Do a good job of pipe cleaning and routine removal and maintenance work. 3, In the operation of underground LHD loader, should pay attention to the first open wind after boiling water, first off the water after off the wind, and pay attention to the water pressure should be lower than the wind pressure, to prevent water reflux chisel cylinder inside, damage the normal lubrication of the machine, affecting the normal operation of the machine. When the underground LHD loader card fibers turn very slowly, the shaft regression of the air leg should be reduced immediately through the regulator valve. 4, Often observe the underground LHD loader powder situation, do not allow the removal of water needles work, or dry eyes. 5, After the underground LHD loader work, close the water valve to the small wind to let the rock drill short-term empty operation, remove water accumulation, prevent corrosion. When you stop using the underground LHD loader for a long time, you should remove it in time and clean it, and apply anti-rust oil, put it in a dry place to save.

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