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New dreams, new starting points, new journeys - transformation and upgrading empowering the future

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On February 19, 2024, the first day of work during the Spring Festival, the first phase of the centralized closed training for all employees of the marketing center officially kicked off. The company invited mining experts from Changsha Nonferrous Metal Research Institute, major account marketing consultant experts from professional training institutions, plus internal A total of more than ten lecturers from the trainer team gave wonderful lectures, covering a wide range of content such as major customer project sales, underground mine mining technology and equipment, product improvement and upgrades, intelligent mining products, vehicle life cycle management, production and quality management, etc.It is carried out in various forms such as lectures, on-site exercises, group sharing, etc., in order to further improve the comprehensive quality and practical ability of marketing personnel, and create an efficient team with innovative thinking, excellent execution, good cooperation spirit, and hard work to win. Winning the first battle to start construction in the New Year accumulates strong momentum.29

Company Chairman Ning Xiaofeng and General Manager Susan also participated in this training.Before the training, Mr. Ning put forward requirements to all trainees: pay attention to details and make seriousness, rigor and meticulousness a work habit; actively participate in training and learning, work deeper and improve yourself.

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Practical exercises


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At the end of the five-day closed training, Susan always pointed out that the original intention of starting a business is to solve the pain points of the industry, meet customer needs, and lead the development of the industry.He also emphasized that the essence of sales is 'customer-centric, meeting customer needs' and 'face pain with customers, work together to create solutions, and help customers succeed.'All members of the sales team are required to understand the mining production process and mine operation management, be familiar with the company's product technology and performance, go deep into the front lines of the mine, and understand the real needs of customers. Before becoming a sales champion team, they must first become a team of product and service solution experts.

After the training, all members of the marketing center will conduct secondary study and digestion of all training materials in each theater unit. Combined with actual sales work, they will focus on customer needs, refine key problem points, improve key customer project solutions, and improve comprehensive business capabilities. Better meet customer needs and improve the ability to win orders.

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