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Preview before Fambition Heavy Machinery Shanghai Bauma Show

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The 2020 Shanghai Bauma Exhibition opened grandly at the Shanghai New International Exhibition Center this morning, two years later, as scheduled. At the Shanghai Bauma Exhibition, Fambition Heavy Machinery launched the FL10E electric LHD to participate in the exhibition. With many new technologies and innovations, Fambition Heavy Machinery once again became the dazzling star of Shanghai Bauma exhibition.

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 High efficiency, energy saving and environmental-friendly

1. Fambition FL10E is an underground electric LHD with a rated load of 10 tons. It provides an efficient solution for underground zero-emissions and solves the pain points of customers with high noise and environmental pollution of diesel LHD.

2. Compared with diesel LHD, the energy consumption is lower. According to calculations, production costs can be saved by 20%L理念先进

 Advanced design concept

1、FL10E is an electric scraper with advanced performance. The unique dual motor (travel motor, hydraulic motor) design ensures that both motors are running under their rated load, which reduces the motor heating and greatly improves the overall vehicle performance. Power performance, shoveling efficiency and motor service life;


2、The steering, working and cable reeling hydraulic systems are the only ones that adopt a variable system, which effectively improves the stability and economy of the equipment.


3、 pump control and load feedback, which can keep the tension of each coil of the cable in a constant state. Compared with the fixed pump system, it can control the tension of each coil and always ensure that the cable is in a reasonable state. The tension state solves the problem of frequent crushing caused by the bending of the cable before;


4、Compared with vertical coiled cable, Fambition adopts horizontal coiled cable with better performance.


5、The FL10E control system adopts modular design, CAN-BUS communication technology, real-time display, monitoring, fault diagnosis and prompting of the technical parameters of the gearbox, work, steering, braking and cable winding hydraulic system.


 Intelligent equipment

1、FL10E can be expanded to realize intelligent control such as production management, maintenance, and safety production. It can control weighing information, video monitoring, fault prediction, personnel positioning and other information through CAN bus control, fixed-point transmission or remote monitoring.


2、FL10E reserve remote control, smart mine can-bus data interface, and open access to mines. Fambition remote control has practical application cases in the domestic and international markets.


3、The software of the control module is upgraded according to the needs of use to satisfy user’s requirement.


On this special day, Fambition Heavy Machinery used a special way to bring an exhibition introduction to the global mining customers, and the cloud live broadcast will show the scene to the global customers through the Internet.



The general manager Mrs. Susan says:

I am Susan Ma, the general manager of Fambition ( Qingdao Fambition Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd ). Our industry park is located in Laixi, Qingdao. The structure plant is in Huangdao and the assembly plant is in Chengyang. We are specialized in R&D and manufacturing of underground trackless equipment, like LHD, dump truck, service vehicle, diesel transport vehicle, explosive transport vehicle. Fambition has three main product line, 20 product series and more than 50 products. We are the leading enterprise of domestic intelligence trackless mining equipment. Fambition is a technology enterprise and we are the preferred substitute of imported brands. Fambition take part in Shandong Provincial Government's new and old kinetic energy conversion project fund and we get invested from Luxin Group(Luxin is a Government enterprise).


Fambition brand strategy is: To be NO.1 in China and to be No.3 in Global market. We apply the most advanced technology and application on our equipment. We have been learning, following and surpassing international brand. Fambition product strategy: high end and high efficient trackless equipment manufacturing. Fambition design concept: To ensure sustainable production, low operation cost, environment friendly, safe and comfortable. Our target customer is the global customer who applies advanced mining method, advanced equipment management system and focus on sustainable production management.

Fambition global marketing and sales: 50% domestic and 50% international. Our product are sold to Russia, South America, Southeast Asia and the Belt and Road Initiative country. Fambition has founded wholly-owned subsidiaries in Russia St.Petersburg (/'pi:təzbə:ɡ/) , Chile Santiago, Peru Lima. And we founded agency and office in Nigeria, Ghana, Philippines and Vietnam. We have a professional sales team active in global market and our market is expanding fast. In some area our market share can reached 15%.

Fambition has many world-renowned accounts and strategic customers.

China main customer: Shangdong Gold, Zijin Mining Group, China National Gold Group, Yunnan Tin group, China-tin Group, Northern Copper Industry, Tongling Nonferrous Metals Group, Ma Steel, Baowu Steel, Hainan Mining, Longqiao, China Coal Group, Huaye Group and so on.


Russia area: Russia Gold mine, Russia tin mine, Russia-copper mine, Russia nickel mines, Kazakhstan cooper mines, Kazakhstan gold mines


South America: Chile Codelco

English Area: Nigeria gold mine, Philippines largest Copper and gold mine


At the end I hope you can following us and choosing us.


Choosing us means sustainable production and low operation cost!


Choosing us means cost decreasing and benefit increasing.


Choosing us means you can build digital, automatic, intelligent, low carbon environmental protection green mine.

General Manager of Fambition Heavy Machinery Accepts an Exclusive Interview with Overseas Media

During the exhibition, General Manager Susan accepted an exclusive media interview for overseas customers and introduced the Fambition development history, R&D and design concepts and the company's exhibited products to overseas customers who cannot come to China to participate in the exhibition.


Fambition Heavy Machinery at the Shanghai Bauma Exhibition brought FL10E to the exhibition. FL10E is an underground electric LHD with a rated load of 10 tons. It provides an efficient solution for underground zero emissions and solves the noise of diesel scraper underground operations. Customer pain points with high environmental pollution.

Fambition Heavy Machinery attaches great importance to overseas markets, and provides personalized and localized services for products and services in overseas markets. Fambition products are exported to Russia, South America, Southeast Asia and countries along the route. The company has wholly-owned subsidiaries in St. Petersburg, Russia, Santiago, Chile, and Lima, Peru; it has agents and offices in Nigeria, Ghana, the Philippines and Vietnam.

Yesterday's live broadcast received enthusiastic attention from friends, and more than 10,000 people watched yesterday's live broadcast.

Today, the major directors of the Technology Center's Research Institute, Hydraulic Research Institute, and Electrical Research Institute visited the site in person to explain the Fambition LHD overall structure design, hydraulic design, electrical design and other aspects. Technical advantages.


Through the live broadcast method, several directors of the Zhonghong Heavy Machinery Technology Center were gathered together for the first time to explain to customers on-site and in the cloud. In a brand-new way, show audience the safety, environmental protection, Efficient, intelligent and reliable design concept of FL10E.






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